Gettin lean with OEP & Recreate!!!

  1. Gettin lean with OEP & Recreate!!!

    Ok so I'm trying to lean up a bit I've takin Recreate before with good success but it's my first run with OEP so I've decided to stack them cause I'm pretty sensitive to stims so I dont know if 2 OEP as recomended would be good for me so here we go!


    To shed as much bodyfat as possible with out losing much weight right now I'm at about 227 lbs probly aroud 15% -17% BF I havent measured yet but just guessing I'll try to get a measurement in the next couple days.

    Recreate - 1 in am 1 in pm
    OEP - 1 in am 1 in pm
    Anabolic pump - 1 3X daily on non workout days 2X on workout days (cardio is a non workout day)
    Super Cissus - 4 grams daily
    Xtend - 4 to 12 servings daily depending on calorie needs
    Diesel Test Hardcore (120 ct) - 3 daily
    Powerfull - 3 pre workout 2 pre bed
    Bulk 1Carboxy - 1 gram pre bed 2 grams pre fasted cardio
    Pslin - 1 pre workout meal
    Basics - creatine, fish oil, Adam multi ect

    Calories will be at or slightly below maintenance
    40/40/20 raito carbs, protein, fat
    Workout will be 3 day full body 5x5 focusing on Squats, Deads, Barbell bench (all variations), Bent over Barbell rows, with some Iso work on the side.
    Cardio will be three days a week fasted in the AM

    The first full day of OEP & Recreate starts today I've been running Recreate solo for the last 2 weeks and the DTHC for 1 week I'm finally ready to get this thing in full swing so lets DO IT!

  2. ok so week 1 is in the books weigh in yesterday was 223.8 lbs which is 3.2 lbs lost in week 1 it was a pretty slow week workout wise real busy week at work so cardio was only done twice and only 2 lifting sessions this week I'll be lifting 3 days as usual and cardio 3 days with one day off

    appetite is pretty controlled I'm probly 300 calories under maintenance
    A little nausea the first week not everyday but yesterday for instance my morning fasted cardio I felt a little nausea but I think it was just not having anything in my stomach and my heart rate gettin up there but after resting about 10 min it went away
    so far so good

    also I was picked to log pink magic so I will add that to my stack and may have to stop the DTHC because of conflict but I'll have to clear that up with casey or jacob I'll update when I find out and will start a new log when I get the pink will keep both logs updated

  3. Omg I did tabatas for the first time today WOW! no wonder it's called 4 minutes of pain! I will be doing theese every cardio session

  4. Weigh in today was 222 lbs so down 5 lbs and I really can see and feel a difference every day I'm looking leaner and more muscular no more issues with nausea still havent recieved my Pink Magic should be gettin it today hopefully I've used recreate before at 4 caps a day but stacking it with OEP is really amazing how fast the fat is flying off I sould guess that I'm down to around 12.5% BF which is awesome thats around 3% Body fat lost in 2 weeks with the calories I'm eating I should be only loosing 1/2 lb a week at most but it has been much more than that this stuff rocks great job USPLABS as usual!

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