Putting Natadrol to the TEST

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  1. Putting Natadrol to the TEST

    I am currently 186lbs 13-14% at 5'10, ignore profile thats where i used to be and am now 21.
    I work 12 hour nightshifts and the only gym near me has terrible opening hours meaning i get to the gym about twice a week but the intensity on those two days is excellent.

    Supplements i have tried include, activate extreme, diesel test hardcore, RPM, jack3d, Horsepower, creatine mono. I am a typical non responder, of the above products creatine was the only one i can honestly attribute actual gains to. I always run products at full dose or higher, train hard and eat well.

    So now that I work fulltime it's depressing to not be able to maintain my level of training and to see myself shrink. To the tone of this until move house I have bought some Natadrol to see what the fuss is all about and to help me stay anabolic.

    I am dosing at 8 per day and have 2 bottles but will order more after the first is done if i find it effective.

    My workouts consist of bench, front squat, pullups, dips and a smattering of dumbell excersizes at the end. I do approximately 5 working sets of each but due to the infrequency of my training i am able to put great intensity into each set. This has been effective in bringing me back from my low at 177lbs but progress has stalled. I repeat the same workout. I would have deadlifts but a back injury on the descent of 450lbs has me off the cards for a while. I believe for the time being these are the most efficient excersizes for me.

    I will periodically update this, it is more a review with intermediate updates than a log, and as a non responder to typical big products I think this will provide excellent insight as to the effectiveness of the product, although my situation will have to be taken into consideration.

    Finally i have been on it for 5 days now, i have a slight pump whilst on it as reported by others, i look a few pounds heavier but in reality am not.

    UPDATE TO 13th MAY

    This is so you dont have to read everything.

    I have seen practically no weight gain but with a physical job and a maintenance of around 4k calories I wasnt expecting much, its hard to eat over that. I am physically larger, whether from pump, glycogen storage or recomp I cant tell. Most notably bench press has increased from 225x5 to 225x9 although this is my PB from last year before I stopped, however I am doing it at less bodyweight and on the worlds worst bench setup so I am confident that I am in reality stronger than ever. Wide grip pullups have gone from 14 or maybe 13 to 16 wiht bodyweight matching my previous personal best from last year also but currently with a much slimmer bar than im used to which i feel hinders me.

    Do i think this is working? Yes I do but i am now running it at 9 caps per day which is not cost effective for many people, do I notice any shutdown? No. Do the pills have any immediate noticeable effects on me? No. Do I think this is a placebo effect causing me to train harder? No, I am training less than ever yet I have quickly regained my full strength and possibly some more. My final suspicion with this product before testing was that it worked by making people hungrier thus increasing food intake and subsequent strength and size increases, however I am not gaining weight but my strength is returning and rising faster than i have ever known it to.

    This is looking like it may be the first product bar monohydrate I will have ever recommended to my friends.

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  3. Over a week down

    Things to note, hunger definately increased, up 1 lb consistently, possibly due to the hunger rather than any anabolic effects, time will tell.

    Strength, much the same, will see tomorrow for PR's.

    Libido, always high and as such not affected.

    Mental, no direct effects although i do like knowing im taking something, gives me inspiration to train harder and not waste it.

    Will update again in a few days time, I am running it at 8 caps a day.

  4. Sounds good man, keep it up. Most logs seem to say it takes atleast 2 weeks to really hit ya. 8 Caps a day maybe it will get too ya quicker.

  5. Sub.
    I will work for supplements!

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  7. Well mysteriously weighed in at 180lbs, same scale, not dehydrated, not any leaner not any drier, who knows must be empty guts. Anyway got 7x225 bench on the worlds worst bench so thats nearly back to where i was. However i could feel today was a good day so we shall see if the feat is repeatable.

    The biggest benefit i have noticed is the hunger, due to my training i am nauseated and light headded when i leave the gym and not hungry for 2 hours after, natadrol has helped significantly in this area making it very useful.

    libido similar, and cant tell any visible difference in musculature, not that i was expecting to be able to.

    If i get 10 reps of 225 in 2 weeks (max from 6 months ago at greater body weight) i will concede that natadrol is the first product bar creatine that I have tried that has provided measureable and cost effective gains.

  8. Keep up the good work
    I will work for supplements!

  9. You should start logging your full workout with reps and weight. That way we can see how it effects your workout from day to day.
    I will work for supplements!

  10. willdo, forgot to mention, 15 wide grip pullups up from 14 last time. 16 was my best ever so will see how that goes.

  11. Supplements i have tried include, activate extreme, diesel test hardcore, RPM, jack3d, Horsepower, creatine mono.
    **** man, you gotta be pumped up in the gym.

    Do you still only get to go to the gym twice a week man? I'm assuming that might be why you're doing pullups, could be wrong though.

  12. /\ im not using the above supplements at the same time just listed ones ive tried. Currently on horsepower natadrol and xtend BCAA's.

    Yeah only get to the gym twice a week, I like pullups, they've given me good lats thus far. I also do a couple of sets of 1 arm dumbell rows with the 100's for 20 reps at the end of the workout, their part of my misc dumbell stuff.

  13. Today wasnt ideal, sleep was interrupted during the day. Nightshift so bed at 7.15am and up at 3.30pm. Will roughly convert my weights to pounds as I use kilograms.

    Should get to the gym 3 times this week so today is split my workout in half. Next session should be some more back work, more tricep work and the main focus will be squats.


    Wide Grip pullups - bodyweight

    assortment of hammer curls, regular curls, close grip curls, barbell curls

    bodyweight dips


    and that was me relatively fried for today, wasnt amping like usual.

    Nothing impressive to report yet guys, 2.5 weeks down. Weight is hovering around 183lbs even though im eating 4000+ calories daily. Not sure where the 3lbs went or what it was.

  14. Seems to be a pattern with my bad sleep, if I goto bed too early (before 3 am) then I wake up at my usual time of going to bed (7:15am) strange.

    Anyway felt amazing till i was on my way to the gym the started to become tired, either way the workout went reasonably well. Will be in the gym again tomorrow

    135x5, 160x5, 185x5, 200x5
    225x5 3 sets.

    Chest press - explosive up and down
    100lbs x10 x6 sets
    100lbs x16 finisher

    front delt raises 50lb DB, 10 each arm, 3 sets


    bwx25, x22, x20

    assorted hammer curls, barbell curls.

    If im lucky i may get to the gym 4x this week.

    It is conceivable that the natadrol is aiding me, today i didnt expect to get 7x225, with the cold weather the 4 hours sleep and my constant yawning. Have order additional 2 bottles anyway, may make this a 4 bottle run, no signs of shutdown, nuts still same size, thought about getting the vernier calipers out at the start on them lol.

    EDIT: oh yeah weight at 182lbs so no conclusions can be garnered from that, unable to tell any honest difference in body composition.

  15. Those are good numbers man. Keep it up. You're about on week three which should be $$!

  16. A pretty good day today, feeling good as got to the gym but not the insane euphoria i had the day i got 225x7, nevertheless i got 225x8 today and maybe could have got 9 had their been a spotter, however the gym is full of fat old women.

    184lbs, weight still fluctuating wildly. Nearly finished my 2nd bottle, 2 more to go. have been taking 9 natadrol last few days, i have a good disposable income for now so not worried.

    wide grip pullups bwx16. I should really add weight to these

    Gym was playing excellent lifting songs like jason mraz -im yours and other slow acoustic greats. (sarcasm) Killed my buzz real fast.

  17. Haha sounds good man. I just noticed you're in New Zealand... I think i like that place.

    135x5, 160x5, 185x5, 200x5

    Do you consider all those warmups until you get to 225? I think reping 200 5 times would weaken me up a bit.

  18. NZ is a good place to be, love it here.

    It took me a while to workout how to best warm up, I used to think I would get weaker but as long as i stay a few short of failure i just get stronger. For example when i do the 200x5 it feels as though i could only get 8 maybe 9 but then the 225 only feels marginally heavier. Neurally inefficient is how I figure it, i have to slowly ramp up.

  19. Forgot to post a leg workout,

    Was just front squats to 200lbs for sets of 5, these really suffer if i have an off day i can lose as much as 10% off my max.

    Misc machine leg work aswell

    Also a military press workout

    45lbs x10

  20. And a new post for todays workout

    225x9 matches my all time PB at a bodyweight of 192 vs 184ish current

    After the 9 i was truly mangled, nervous system overload, back was tense in the muscles, legs were weak, arms were weak and shaking a bit, lightheaded and feeling drained but bitch i got it. Took a small break and onto wide grip chins.

    bw x16 - I chin all the way from a dead hang and really emphasise the lats, strict with no cheating however the last two were pretty ugly, wasnt kicking my legs but was a curved lift to get them, wanted another PB here and I got it.

    Have to say even with sub optimal training i seem to be making good strength progress yet my weight seems to stay the same, always had a problem with rapidly adjusting to calories, low or high its difficult for me to lose or gain weight.

    Usual dips and curls part ego part trying to bring my arms up with my lats and chest.

  21. Impressive gains mate, I think I may be getting my hands on some of this stuff soon Keep up the good work!

  22. Yep, something seems to be working

  23. Cheers guys, if it aint working then its a placebo effect im happy to pay for. I'll put an update at the top of the page so people dont have to read through everything.

  24. Looking good mate! Glad to hear the PRs!

  25. nice job!


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