ALRI evo stack.

  1. ALRI evo stack.

    I will be logging this stack. I am going to do it just how it says so it will last ten weeks. my goal 5-10lbs gained. lose a percent of BF. Stats 5'10" [email protected]%bf. its in the mail when i get it i will start the log! (lets see how this junglewarfare really is) might try the trifecta two months after or the alri tri-lean depending how this goes. im eating between 2700-3200calories a day. 200-250g of protein 250-325 carbs 75-100 fat. i workout 6 days a week 2 sets 5 reps each heavy weights for 3weeks week 4,8,12 lower weight higher reps. weeks 5-7 heavy weight 8reps weeks 9-11 heavy weight 10 reps

  2. Day 1 starts now!!!

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