raw orchic concentrate

  1. raw orchic concentrate

    what's the word on this stuff, anyone try this or know of anyone who has and what were the results?

  2. Could be a new staple for PCT!

  3. so your saying it should be ran during pct oppose to on a cycle?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by suresha View Post
    so your saying it should be ran during pct oppose to on a cycle?
    I know nothing about it's effects so I can't say when to take it.

  5. It's awesome. You should stack it with gamma oryzanol, sasaparilla, and wild yam...or just take Russian Bear 5000.

  6. poison, are you pshycic or something, cause i just purchased the raw orchics and some russian bear on friday. what a co-wink-a-dink. you're scaring me bro

  7. You're kidding, right? That stuff sucks. That's the best of like 1988, or something. Toss them both in the trash, and buy some ragnorok and testopro, and go to work.


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