Primordials LV is supposed to assist the delivery that much better... I have no clue as to howuch stronger it really is but having used Chlorodrol 50 mg for 4 days I felt beastly!!!
So this TLV is supposed to be maybe twice as powerful... That is why I am going to use it this way:
The last two weeks I might not use it all..
I am almost complete with my research in that I am reading on Clomid/ Nolva/ toremifene citrate of the three I am not sure which ones I should use if any.
Reps say the TRS stack is sufficient yet other members say to have a SERM handy. Ao I will err on the cautious side and have one handy.
I am also including;
Hawthorne Berry during preload
Liver Juice Preloaded
and the recommended PP plan ....
So I think I will have all angles covered...

Since I run and cycle quite a bit I will not be working out legs.
My workout will consist of the following:
Sunday: 3 mile run/Chest and Tri 16 sets total - heavy to mid to light to exhaustion
Mon: off
Tuesday:3 Mile run/ Biceps 16 sets total- heavy weight to mid weight to light weight to exhaustion
Wednesday :: Rest
Thursday; 10 mile cycling medium to short duration sprints/ Shoulders 10-16 sets heavy weight to light weight 16 sets total to exhaustion
Friday: 10 Mile Cycle/ Biceps 16 sets heavy weight to light weight to exhaustion

I keep my cardio up during weighlidring as well...
I burn more fat this way and the heavier weight at the introduction of the workout helps me bulk.,,

calories: 2000 to 2500

what do you all think?
Log will not begin till all is ready....