Primordial Performance's Liver Juice with Bloodwork!

  1. Thumbs up Primordial Performance's Liver Juice with Bloodwork!

    First off, shout out to Primordial Performance and Jim aka Jimbo15 from PP for the opportunity to log their Liver Juice

    I had the opportunity to try out Primordial Performance's liver juice and get bloodwork at the same time. I also wanted to mention my recent cycle consisted of AX Phera / AX Superdrol for 5 weeks, bridged at the 3rd week. The cycle started on 11/15/09 and my last dose was on 12/19/09. My cycle before this was back in late 2006 into 2007, it consisted of the same exact compounds and same outline.

    I’ve attached a few PDF files (bloodwork) on the bottom of this post as reference to show my liver values since mid February 2009. I did take Fish Oil, L-Carnitine, CoQ10, BCAA, Multi Vit, Whey, EC x 3 ed back in late August 2009 for about 1 month, but I highly doubt these did anything to effect my liver values. The milk thistle I was running was bought at Walmart and it was the Spring Valley Milk Thistle at 1000mg per cap. I was taking 2 caps of milk thistle everyday right before bed, 2g total per day.

    Lastly, it took me awhile to post this since I had some running around in gathering all this bloodwork from my docs...but I hope this helps!

    2.13.09 - liver values
    AST 62 - range 17-59 (high)
    ALT 63 - range 21-72 (in range, but in other test this 63 level would be considered high, so I consider this a high level)

    6.17.09 - liver values
    AST 84 - range 10-40 (high)
    ALT 73 - range 9-60 (high)

    10.21.09 PDF file - liver values (little over 3 weeks before start of cycle)
    AST 69 - range 15-46 (high)
    ALT 70 - range 7-58 (high)

    11/15/09 - 12/19/10 Cycle protocol:
    Phera: 30/30/20/0/0
    SD: 0/0/10/20/20

    PCT started on 12/20/09 until 1/23/10 - 5 weeks

    Bloodwork on 12/28/09 - 9 days after last dose of cycle and 8 days into pct
    AST 88 - range 10-40 (high)
    ALT 91 - range 9-60 (high)

    I took 2 types of liver protectant, liv52 and milk thistle on cycle, while in pct and beyond. My liver protectant protocol in pct was, liv52 (2 tabs 3x ed, 6 total tabs ed) and 3 caps (3g) ed of milk thistle before bed as well as 100mg of CoQ10 ed.

    Liv52, milk thistle and coq10 were taken up until 2/4/10 before taking liver juice. I had liver juice on hand but wanted to get the 2/4/10 bloodwork to show the before aspect without liver juice in my system.

    2/4/10, blood drawn which was about 7 weeks after my last dose of SD, 2.4.10 PDF file attached for reference…my liver values were still high 2wks after my pct.

    2.4.10 PDF file - liver values
    AST 67 - range 0-40 (high)
    ALT 64 - range 0-55 (high)
    I stopped taking all other liver protectants on 2/4/10 and started on the liver juice on 2/15/10, again liver juice only as of 2/15/10 and no other liver protectants while running liver juice.

    2/15/10 - Liver Juice protocol: 10ml everyday - 5ml at 9am and 5ml right before bed, usually around 11pm.

    My next and last bloodwork was taken on 2/25/10.…2.25.10 PDF file attached for reference

    2.25.10 PDF file - liver values
    AST 52 - range 10-40 (high)
    ALT 53 - range 9-60 (in range)

    The 2/25/10 date marks the 11th days on liver juice and my liver values were lowered significantly from previous blood test, both AST and ALT levels were the lowest I have even seen. I should have done more bloodwork at the end of liver juice, but I just got too busy to take the time to run another blood test and just used the 2/25/10 test my doc requested…but my guess would be since I ran liver juice for the full 25 days @ 10ml ed which would have been an additional 14 days my values would have all been well in range.

    Me likes Liver Juice!
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  2. vey nice, i just used it on my cycle the Applied Nutraceuticals The oNe and dermacrine LV i was very pleased that i had no liver side effects on cycle bu i didnt get any bloodworkdone damn health insurance

  3. strong detail. got me some liver juice last week to run alongside my virgin h-drol cycle. glad to see you got those enzymes close to a normal level.

    Quote Originally Posted by JN230 View Post
    vey nice, i just used it on my cycle the Applied Nutraceuticals The oNe and dermacrine LV i was very pleased that i had no liver side effects on cycle bu i didnt get any bloodworkdone damn health insurance
    if you need help getting cheap bloods, and get the hormone panel for females (only 50 bucks after coupon). it gives you everything u need (test, metabolic, etc) and no need for insurance/doctor visit.

  4. I also have more bloodwork within early 2009 showin my liver values elevated even when takin reg store bought milk thistle....liver juice for me is the real deal!

    plus, no leaky nipples from what some people associate high doses of milk thistle

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