So my current supplements on shelf are:
muscle marinade
osteo bi flex

On there way:
amino vital
reset a.d.
liv 52

I'm going to start cutting as soon as my goodies arrive in the mail. This is my first log so any advice would be good, just trying to become a part of the community. For prime I'm using the 69 protocol and t911 I'm taking 1am 1pw 1pm. I'm also trying to take a break from stims so I'll only be using muscle marinade when I really need it. Other then that I'll be having amino's and creapure preworkout along side t911 and prime. Postworkout will be a meal with some creatine, with protein being distributed throughout the day. I'll get some numbers over the next week or 2 while taking just the supplements currently on my shelf. Also I'm welcome to any advice on my workout routines as well. Will add daily food details and sleep hours. sleep is usually a minimum of 8 hours and food... well I dont really keep track, my diet is basically eat a lot and eat healthy, for now.