OEP sick to the stomic

  1. OEP sick to the stomic

    Ive been taking OEP OxyElite Pro for 3 weeks it just started causing me to throw up after taking it with food or with out. Does anyone recommend another supplement that's similar to OEP? Thanks i lost 23 pounds on This and think its time for something different.

  2. I'm liking lipo 6 black so far. I loved the original lipo 6 and had good results, we'll see how the black works. A lot of reviews claimed you don't feel it kick in for about a week. I should note that I do feel a slight burning in my stomach when I take it, but it goes away.

  3. Try ALPHA-T2. There are some logs going on it right now, and people are loving it. No reports of upset stomach on it
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  4. Thanks guys ill look in to these sups

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