After killing it for 15 weeks to get myself physically prepped for a total brutal spring and summer routine, and im gonna supplement it like this. Im a vet, of everything, sans HGH, so this is nothing too extreme.
Weeks 1-4: Mdrol 20 mg, 30mg workout days:
Weeks:3-6: Hdrol 50mg day.
Weeks 5-10: Dermacrine 3 topical units/day
Weeks 7-10 clomid 50mg day, pct assist (CEL)
weeks: 11-15: Anadraulic State GT, T-911 Preworkout

1st 4 weeks I will use Muscle Marinade PWO, and BCAA/ECAA mixed with dicreatine malate intra
Weeks 4-10 I will used NO SHotgun V3 (mypersonal favorite thus far) pwo and
NO synthesize intra
Weeks 11-15: LG AS and T-911 as mentioned earlier.
*I have serm on hand of course, as well as some good ole' nova, and will be using cycle assist for the first 6 weeks as well.
this **** is gonna be fun!