NUTRAPRO Juicy watermelon

  1. NUTRAPRO Juicy watermelon

    Ok I am the most skeptical person and hard to please when it comes to protein powders. I want a protein to mix in water, but regardless of how good they taste I have never been able to handle chocolate or vanilla mixed with water cause it is just too thin. About ten years ago I got some sportspharma strawberry protein that makes me gag now just thinking about anything artificially flavored with strawberry. So I took the plunge and bought the juicy watermemlon flavor. Upon opening the smell of the powder was not too appealing, but I poured my glass of water and dropped the protein powder in. It mixed well with with a spoon in just a few stirs. Then the big test, TASTE. It was very pleasing. Not too strong but just right. No after taste and no bloat. We have a winner

  2. thanks for the input. i was curious about it. can you compare the taste to anything?

  3. glad to hear you liked it. this is the flavor I am most excited about. Should have mine here by Tuesday
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  4. just kind of a light flavor I guess, similar to crystal light or something. It is truely the only protein I have mixed and water and enjoyed. I honestly could mix up a tall glass, drop some ice in it and eat it with my meal

  5. It's more of a Fruit Punch flavor to me, but I can definitely taste watermelon as well. It's pretty damn good. And as far as the Chocolate goes: it is thick even with water, so you should give it a go.



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