What's going on guys? I've done plenty of research and I'm trying to figure out what's the best test boosters out..so here's what I've picked out, feel free to give your opinion. This is not in order:

1. DS Activate xtreme - great reviews, love the ingredients

2. AN testo pro - great reviews on strength and libido..some say better than act xt

3. Diesel test hardcore - heard great and bad reviews

4. OS T-Force - nothing but great reviews..I'm considering this one

5. Biotivia Bioforge - always out of stock..I see why.

7. AN stoked - simple and effective

8. Neogenix supermacy - nice reviews

9. Animal test - great reviews but also highly expensive

That's just some of the best...I just want to know which one is worth the money and time investment. I ordered DTHC and thinking about returning it for something better. I appreciate the feed back guys