ALRI experts...

Hi! I recently purchased the tri lean system with T-x included and was wondering what the best way to stack is? Would you recommend taking multiple pills at once (i.e. hyper drive on top of zero stim all in one swallow) or would you recommend spreading out the dosages out hourly etc.?

I'm a 5'8 female who plays college basketball..due to injury this year and a redshirt- I put on a few extra lbs that I want to shred and I figured I could use the Tri-Lean as a boost. I weigh 141 and would like to drop to 127...

Also...I have taken products in the past such as hydroxycut and products alike, but never stacked...

Would you recommend shreding the weight and cutting BEFORE trying to really build my muscle mass back? Or could I cut and bulk?

I will follow a strict diet while on Tri-Lean (no sugar, alcohols, breads, salt, or salad dressings)

Meats: tuna and skinless chicken only
Carbs: Oatmeal, yam (no butter, salt)
Fiber: veggies (carrots, cucum., radishes, etc.) and mixed greens (no dressing)
Bevs: Water, coffee, and green tea

Previous results of this diet alone I cut serious weight within a week and 1/2.

I guess I'm a newb to stackers and just want to make sure I reap the best benefits from everything...which brings me here!

I appreciate your time and hope you can help me out
Thanks a million