It's a very short term use, but I would still like to give my review.
First thanks for AI sending samples to the UK. I got samples within a week.

I tried the blue capsules first, which is Perform, a libido/sex performance enhancer.
My taking schedule was a bit random, because I read the ingredients and find it is really a herbs supplement, so shouldn't be a big problem if I don't have a strict schedule on taking. Also, I am single and don't have regular sex.

I just finish my tongkat ali/ long jack 1:50 extract one week trail. Long Jack gave me morning wood which I havn't see for long and a bit acne, mental sexual desire seems to be the same in that week. I was off Long Jack for 2 days and then took just one capsule of Perform in the evening. The next day I got a even harder morning wood!

Day 2, still just one capsule, again hard morning wood. I think one Perform capsule only contain 300mg of 1:20 Long Jack extract, so maybe the combination of Maca, Tubu, horny goat weed all together work better.

Day 3, 2 caps, and in the evening 1 cap. I felt a slight increase of desire at that night, but just slight.

Day 4 morning just one cap, then I was busy all day. But on that day I have kind of a feeling that I am ready for sex anytime. While i didn't have, so at 2AM midnight of the day, I was tired but I felt maybe I should have a wank; because my organs gave me a feeling that if I don't do it, they will need to release the pressure in my sleeping anyway. So that's what I did.
Umm, it's a enjoyable one, intensity of orgasm was not too bad. Duration was not really longer. What I noticed was the feeling afterward. I am the kind of person who has 'depression after ejeculation', so I basically don't like masturbation. However this time I felt relax and I had good sleep.

Day 5, The best part is next morning. The morning wood was hard as before, not influenced by ejeculation 6 hours ago at all! I am think if I didn't fall asleep, maybe my 'reload' time would be shorter.

I didn't take any at day 5 and I didn't ejeculate either; but on day 6 morning I didn't have morning wood anymore. So I am pretty sure the morning wood on day 5 morning was from the cap I took not after day 4 morning.

All the experience above is not base on real sexual intercourse but still might be useful to post here. I will keep the rest of Perform samples to do another test if I would have chance to have sex in the near future.

in brief:

gave me hard morning wood in minimum dosage and in one day. I am sure if I have had sex my penis would be harder.
A good mixture of herbs compare to just use one of them.
May shorten 'recovery period'

bags seem to be slightly fuller thus sent single to my brain telling me to get sex. If I took 4 caps a day I might really feel it, but it would be a waste for a single guy just use this for masturbation.

my real mental desire change little.
didn't last longer in masturbation, not sure in real sex.
semen volume seems the same (much ).

didn't really have any in such a low dose. might be a bit dry mouth but too slight to aware.

It works strongly on at least one important way, which is nice. Taking more might have better effect but I can't comment on this for now.
I am happy to recommand this to guys who have sex partner (or pals).