Trifecta Stack Log

  1. Trifecta Stack Log

    Ok guys so I am starting the Trifecta Stack on the 10th of April (rough estimate). The stack includes:
    1/135 cap Methyl 1-D XL,
    1/135 tab Methyl Masterdrol XL,
    1/90 cap Formadrol Extreme XL
    60 cap I-GH-1

    I plan on stacking a couple of other other vitamins and supplements with this. However I don't know if any of them would get in the way, if so please tell me. The list goes like this:

    Sci-Fit Whey Protein
    GNC Creatine Monohydrate
    OxyElite Pro
    NO Xplod

    Green Tea Extract
    Anyhydrous Caffeine

    Again I am not sure if any of those will inhibit anything the stack does, if so please inform me (that's why im posting so early before i start to make proper changes if need be).

    Ok, time for my details and my goals. I am 20 years old and have been lifting on and off since i was about 16 in high school. A few years back I stopped playing sports and started gaining weight. Currently I stan 5'11 & 3/4 and weigh in at roughly 205. My BF% is around 23%. My goals are to drop at least 5% BF and cut at least 10lbs (of fat). I have done a lot of research on prohoromones and the different stacks out there before I purchased anything and with it being my first stack I decided to go with Trifecta. Now, seeing as that there are the occasional bad reviews I would say about 90% of the Trifecta logs I have read have had better than expected results. I also choose the OxyElite Pro + Recreate Stack because of the positive things I have been hearing as well.

    Both stacks are 6 weeks and I have enough vitamins to take for the 6 weeks as well. My goal will to try and take in at least 3/4 of my body weight in protein (i.e. Since I weigh 205 that would be 153.75g per day), if not more. However, I would say my biggest problem is were my diet comes in. I'm rather picky but not excessively picky. If anyone could point me to a good source of carbohydrates and good fats that would be great. I lean more towards meat and i'm not big on vegetables (I know sucks).

    I'll wrap this up by saying in advanced thank you to anyone who can lend any knowledge and belive me ANY advice is appreciated. I will also post before photos in a few days and will post after photos at the end of this stack. Thanks everyone.

  2. Maybe I'm crazy but I have 76 views and no replies hmm

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