BDub's in an ANADRAULIC STATE of mind (a sponsored ASGT log)

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  1. Hope your legs are as jello as mine. I was good until half way through my supersets of box jumps/sumo deads. The lunges drove the nail in the coffin and the C2 rower 500m x 3 was actually refreshing. Of course it always helps when you get to the gym and decide to start with heavy squats first haha.
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  2. Again, since were on legs today...

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  3. I like the way you think man! This thread needs more...uh....
    Jello they are indeed. I am trying to cook right now, and the legs are not liking the standing. "Shut up, I'm trying to feed you!"

  4. wowzers!!!!

  5. Log is off to a great start! Looks like things are going well man!

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  6. Day #3


    Woke up at 0400, took 2 scoops of ASGT at 0415, and was out the door to hit the gym by 0500.

    5 min warm-up on the elliptical

    12 I am Legend Pull-ups

    Smith Machine Press: 105x4, 95x4 (Up 10 lbs on my starting weight from last week. Only made it through 4 sets before dropping though.)

    Smith Machine Upright Rows: 95x8 (Up 10 lbs)

    Lateral DB Raises: 15x8

    Reverse Pec Deck: 75x8 ( Last week I had to drop to 67.5 on set 6. Made it all the way through this time.)

    BB Shrugs: 145x8 ( up 10 lbs)

    DB Shrugs: 60sx8 (up 5 lbs on each DB)

    Another great workout this morning. I was a little light-headed for a bit though. I think I might drop my dose to 1.5 tomorrow. Just a little to much stim I think. Other than that it was fun times. I was able to really focus on my form and hit every head. I also added a few more lbs to most my lifts. The delts and traps were toast after the workout.

    Pump: I didn't really feel a big pump until the trap sets. They always get me pumped. I did however really feel the burn throughout my entire delts.

    Endurance: Upped my weight on most lifts, and was able to finish lifts I had to drop before. Endurance definitely up.

    Energy: A little too much at first, but my adjusted and it was on after that.

    Libido: 3 more days!

    Strength: As I stated above, weights were up. Good times.

    Sides: A little light-headed at first, but that was it. Sweating buckets again.

    The legs are gone today. I had a hard time walking down the stairs this morning. I am really feeling it my glutes and calves right now.

    I am gonna be working on a testimonial video for ASGT here, so keep an eye out for that in the near future.

    Tomorrow is back/abs day. Gonna get beat!

  7. I am legend pullups..that's rich
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  8. An over the shoulder pose for shoulder day workouts..

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  9. Quote Originally Posted by CopyCat View Post
    An over the shoulder pose for shoulder day workouts..

    And look what she gets to look at when she's not doing the 'over the shoulder'

    It's almost like a threesome!

    not really
    "I am legally blind and if I can Squat,deadlift and over all get myself to the gym then anyone can get their a$$ in gear and get strong!!" - malleus25

  10. Shoulder pads anyone?
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  11. Quote Originally Posted by metroba View Post
    I am legend pullups..that's rich
    They are classics man.

  12. Do like me some Jamie Eason
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  13. Day #4


    0400 came nice and early this morning. I was looking forward to ASGT as soon as I got up. I took 1.5 scoops this morning at 0415.

    5 mins warmup on elliptical

    Set of 12 pull-ups

    Reverse grip bent over rows: 85x6, 75x2

    Lat Pulldowns: 120x5, 105x3(up 15 lbs on my starting weight, lasted 5 sets)

    Wide grip seated rows; 90x8

    Straight arm pulldowns: 100x8

    Cable crunches: 130x15, 140x15, 150x15, 160x15

    Weighted side bends: 4 sets of 25 per side with a 45lb plate

    I changed it up a little bit on a few of my lifts today to mix things up. It was good times.

    Pump: Lats were popping this morning!

    Endurance: I powered my way through this work out. Endurance was awesome.

    Energy: I was really tired this morning, but the ASGT changed that very quickly.

    Libido: I was feeling something today. Not sure if it the upcoming weekend, of the ASGT kicking in.

    Strength: Went up on lift, and was able to get good form through all the sets.

    Sides: No dizziness today. I think 1.5 scoops is gonna be good for a while.

    Tomorrow is Arms day. Can't wait!

  14. Bringing sexy back...
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  15. Nice workout.
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  16. Day #5

    1.5 scoops of ASGT 45 mins prior to the gym, then I was off for Arms.

    5 min warm up on elliptical

    4 sets of 10 floor chins

    Skull-crushers: 75x8 (up 10lbs)

    Cable press-downs: 110x8 (had to drop to 100 on set 5 last week, was able to finish all 8 at 110 today)

    Cable over-head extensions: 50x8 ( had to drop to 40 on set 6 last week)

    Close grip EZ curls: 55x8

    Incline DB curls: 20sx8

    Hammer Curls: 35sx8 ( dropped to 30 on set 6 last seek)

    Reverse grip wrist curls: 20x8

    Wrist curls: 30x8

    Felt great this morning. The blood was pumping, and I got a nice workout in.

    Pump: had a great pump in my tris after the press-downs

    Endurance: felt great the whole workout

    Energy: ASGT woke me up from my stupor this morning, and got me amped for the gym

    Libido: It's Friday!

    Strength: numbers still moving up

    Sides: just the sweat.

    I will be switching my workouts up starting on Monday. I will be going back to a traditional 5 day split for a while. I'm missing the heavy weights, and I am trying to preserve some of my mass.

    You guys enjoy your weekend!

  17. nice workout.
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  18. Quote Originally Posted by Dragon93 View Post
    nice workout.
    Thanks man. I dunno, but there is something demoralizing about lifting weight that light. I know its helping me with my cut, but I miss the real weights!

  19. how many reps per set are you doing
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  20. Quote Originally Posted by Dragon93 View Post
    how many reps per set are you doing
    I'm doing 8 20 second sets, with as many reps as I can get in those 20 seconds. There is a 10 second rest period in between sets.

  21. Day #6 (05Apr)

    I was too lazy to log this yesterday, so here it is a day late.

    Chest/Abs day.

    I took 2 scoops of ASGT 45 mins before hitting the weights after work.

    Iso-Lateral Incline Press: 180x12, 205x10, 270x8, 295x6, 360x4

    DB Flat Bench: 80x8, 95x6, 115x4, 100x6

    Incline DB Flyes: 40x8, 50x8, 60x6, 60x6

    Incline DB Press: 70x8, 80x6, 80x6, 80x6

    Cable Cross-overs: 50x12, 60x10, 70x8, 80x6, 95x4

    Weighted Side Bends: 3 sets of 25 each side with a 55lb DB.

    Cable Crunches: 160x15, 170x15, 180x15

    Freaking awesome workout this afternoon. I really missed lifting heavier weights, and this made my day. Felt like I killed it today.

    Pump: I was feeling huge. I got a really nice full body pump.

    Endurance: Awesome. Start to finish

    Energy: After waking up at 0300, driving 3 hours to work, and then 8 hours of work, I really needed a pick em up. ASGT took care of that. I was hyper getting off work. Could not wait to get to the gym.

    Libido: Felt great this weekend. Nothing too crazy, but it was definitely there. Looking forward to feeling more of this in the weeks to come.

    Strength: After doing Tabata for 5 weeks, I was worried that my strength would be down. This was not the case. I felt really strong today.

    Sides. Same ol sweat.

  22. Day #7

    Legs Day

    ASGT at 0415, gym at 0500.

    5 min warm up on elliptical.

    Leg Press: 410x10, 590x8, 770x6, 950x2, 590x10

    Front Squats: 135x8, 185x4, 155x6, 155x6

    Seated Leg Curls: 120x12, 150x10, 180x8, 210x6, 240x4

    Seated Leg Extensions: 180x10, 210x8, 240x6(drop 180x6) 255x6(drop 165x6)

    Standing Calf Raises: 235x8, 280x8, 315x6, 315x6

    Unilateral Straight Leg Press: I was watching Jay Cutler do these last night. You perform 12 partial reps for one leg, 12 partials for both, 12 for the other leg, then 12 for both again. The point is just to exhaust your legs, and drive as much blood into the quads as you can. I did 4 sets of these to finish off my legs.

    Loving the heavy weights!

    Pump: Legs were nice a pumped, from the glutes all the way down.

    Endurance: Great. No drop the entire workout.

    Energy: This is where ASGT really shines. I always have plenty of energy, and would keep on lifting if I didnít have to go to work!

    Libido: Waiting for the weekend again. I hate weekdays!

    Strength: Press happy with my strength today. I didnít quite reach my max weight on the leg press, but I was close. I be back up there in a few weeks.

    Sides. Same ol sweat x2.

  23. Nice workouts
    I will work for supplements!

  24. ok brother man! im back from my hiatus..killer log so far, i really enjoy following them, so detailed!..and DAM! the over the shoulder pic about killed me

  25. Quote Originally Posted by Liftergym33 View Post
    ok brother man! im back from my hiatus..killer log so far, i really enjoy following them, so detailed!..and DAM! the over the shoulder pic about killed me
    Welcome back man. I though you guys might like those.


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