pheravol vs m1,4add

  1. pheravol vs m1,4add

    which of the two would be a better bulking agent, either solo or bridged? about to delve into my sd cycle next week as i'm about done preloading with the liver juice and cycle support, now i'm just trying to figure out which out of the two will compliment my cycle better in attaining that bulk? any advice?

  2. m1,4add

  3. i decided to run the m1,4add bridge to sd and i'll be setting that off the end off the week, most likely I'll be doing a lil updating for those interested

  4. i wouldnt bridge sd with either of these 2 they are both very potent along with sd ur gonna be feeling pretty crappy by the time this bridge is over.
    I've done a 3 week sd bridged to a 4 week epi on 3rd week of sd, it worked well, the epi is nice to lean out the sd gains, keep gaining strength and lean muscle, and helps to maintain the sd gains, but i was really shutdown and felt pretty bad at the end of this one too.

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