s-roid + h-roid stack log

  1. s-roid + h-roid stack log

    I have started my Hardcore Formulations S-Roid (2a-17a-dimethyl-5a-androst-3-one) and H-roid (4-chloro-17a-methyl-andro-4-ene-3,17b-diol) stack.

    10mg s-roid per day
    2x25mg h-roid per day
    milk thistle
    saw palmetto

    24 yrs old. 185.5 lbs. off day today. first day of stack. Plan to keep a detailed record of gains/sides. This is my first time with prohormones. I overpaid at the supplement store. But these products seem worth it. We will see. Any feedback would be awesome.

  2. read some threads

    ok so i read some of the threads about stacking these two supps and I think I am going to save the s-roid for another time. I am worried about the sides and the pct afterwards. any advice?

  3. h roid you should be okie with your otc PCT. . .I would do C.E.L's PCT assist!!! I just ran a log stand alone and it did wonders!!! if your going to go overboard you can look at some anti estro's or SERM's. . .clomi. . .tamox. . .the usuall's but i think you should be good with C.E.L.'s PCT brutha! Effective. . .test boosting. . estrogen suppressive. . you'll be great!!
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  4. DAY ONE

    25 mg h-roid 10am
    10 mg s-roid 10 am

    went to school felt really weird and my arms were all pumped up. I decided to give the h-roid a chance by itself to see what i can get from it.

    Legs tomorrow morning.

    6 eggs + toast for breakfast + shake+ creatine.

    turkey sand for lunch protein bars at work and in class.

    25 mg h-roid right after dinner.

    steaks for dinner. shake + peanut butter before bed.

    My body is very sensitive to medications and this one is no exception. I felt it's effects almost immediately. I feel more "alpha".
    Excited about workout tomorrow. Can't wait. Will post more

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