Alright guys, finishing up the last two weeks of a diet and now its time to get shredded for beach season and add a few pounds of mirror muscle. The plan you ask? 6 week cycle of Anavar and CEL's P-plex.

The Goal: Start cycle at ~180 lbs and 8%BF, end at 185 and 6%BF. Thats about 4 pounds of lard to lose and 8 pounds of muscle to gain. lofty, but lets do this ****! Specifically, I need to bring my tri's up a lot.

The cycle:
Week 1: 25mg Anavar/ 20mg phera
Week 2: 25mg Anavar/ 20mg phera
Week 3: 50mg Anavar/ 30mg phera
Week 4: 50mg Anavar/ 30mg phera
Week 5: 50mg Anavar/ 30-40mg phera- based on how I'm feeling
Week 6: 50mg Anavar/ 30-40mg phera

The PCT: Nolva 40/20/20
I'll probably throw some cort control in here, something like lean xtreme week 2 of PCT

The support supps:
CEL cycle assist 2 serv/day, preloaded 1 week
Taurine 3g/day
Cissus- 2g/day
Diesel Test 2010- I have some sittin around and I've heard Var can actually be kinda suppressive
Animal PM pack- GH promoter and helps me recover
Glycobol 2x day before biggest carb meals

The food: Carb cycling, exact macros still to be worked out. I also have seen great results from taking in a bunch of simple carbs and hydrolyzed protein before and during workouts, probably 1/4 to 1/3 of my total cals will come from workout nutrition. This sort of forces me to automatically carb cycle on workout days...

The Iron: 5 workouts a week. Since this is beach country (we can't stop here!), I'm going to do 2 days of Chest/tris, 2 days of Back/bis, and one day of legs/shoulders/whatever else. 1 day a week will be heavy training, the other will be volume oriented. Abs at the end of 2 of the other sessions, probably legs and one of the random back sessions.

I'm not starting this for another 2-3 weeks while I finish my current diet and wait for the Anavar to arrive, and generally just getting my **** together. Anything it looks like I'm missing? Questions? Comments? Offensive jokes?

I'd seriously appreciate comments from anyone with experience using Anavar. Does the dosing/PCT/cycle length look okay?