I recently tried Vpx BANG!. It sucked.

I got the Water Melon flavor, which tasted pretty good In my opinion, roughly a 7.5/10.

It was a pretty big drink though, alot to guzzle down.

I would say for pre-workout supplement wise, It was Decent, not anything amzing and easily forgetable. 4/10.

Roughly an hour to an hour and a half after working out, I had the worst possible headache In my life. I am not prone to headaches or migrains of any kind. It got so bad I was driven to the hospital and was given a Morphine drip or something like that.

Nothing has changed In my diet at all, It was the only thing that day that I changed. I forgot my Jack3d and went to a new gym and bought it there, figured I would try something new. I also drink tons of water when working out, after each set im at the fountain.

Could It perhaps be a lack of water? A negative reaction of some kind? I have no clue but thats just a basic review for it.