TheFace's Formadrol Extreme Stand-Alone Log.

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  1. Day 20) After increasing my dose to 6 caps a day I can say that I saw some benefit from the change in dosage, but not an extraordinary amount. Joints are still incredibly sore, strength is low, and pumps are non existent. I feel that there is some correlation between the joint soreness/dryness and the lack of pumps in the gym. The gyno flare ups have been halted. All in all I would say that this is a decent product to run as part of a pct regimen; a ton better than ATD but not as good as 6 oxo.

  2. Thinks seem to be looking better.

    Nice Log.

  3. Any updates ?

  4. That was the end of the log. In the next 3 weeks I'll be starting a test P cycle and may run a log on that if I have enough free time.


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