Gonzo Is Going The Distance With AMS and VAPOR XT (Sponsored)

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  1. Gonzo Is Going The Distance With AMS and VAPOR XT (Sponsored)

    I'm back at it with Vapor XT. I ran this product as a tester a while back and now have an opportunity to log it in another run. I'm very excitied, and thank you to AMS for another chance. Things have changed from my last run. I'm about 4% lower in BF. Also I was in pre season training. I'm currently In season now and always worried about cutting carbs due to the decrease in energy. I'm hoping that Vapor XT can rid me of my mid day fatigue and give me enough energy to get through long days with training, conditioning, and competitions. LETS GET GOING.

    BF% ~11%

    With being on the road a lot and the limited options of a small school cafe, Diet is always my weak spot. I'm going to go as low carb as possible. High protein and low fat. I'm going to follow a make-shift carb cycling agenda.
    Light training days will be low carbs, game days with training will have higher carbs.

    With game days leaving little if anytime to get in the gym this is going to be very jumbled split.
    The main spilt looks like this.

    All workouts will start with a pre exhaust.
    As of right now Ill have fasted cardio monday and friday mornings, T,W,R will have a pushup/core/forearm workout early am fasted.
    If time allows a workout pregame, it will be an explosive full body workout.
    If time allows a workout postgame will most likely be regular schedule workout unless time or energy levels are low then an explosive workout will be substituted.

    I worked with a 2am/1earlypm dosing protocol last run which I liked a lot. As of right now thats the plan.

    Vit. C (as needed)
    ZMA (pre bed)
    Muscle Marinade(pre w/o)

    March 25th
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  2. First impression

    Some of the first things you can expect being 2-3 days into your vapor run is increase in body temp, increase in energy, and a diuretic effect.
    Body temp increase is slight, both runs I've noticed some increased sweating from my armpits. No major body sweating or anything that felt uncomfortable.
    Also the energy was clean with no jitter or increased heart rate. Note that I feel the energy to be nice boost throughout the day, but I also have a very high tolerance for stim, so keep that in mind that I can take Vapor 6-7pm and still sleep fine.
    I noticed I droped some water weight in the first 2-3 days also, and keep the water off for the most part.
    Overall in the first few days you can start to feel some positive effects from Vapor XT

  3. ****Reserved for Final review*****

  4. Finally starting tomorrow guys! Going to take measurements and pics tomorrow either post tomorrow pm or Tuesday am.
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  6. I'm in check out mine when you get a chance.
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  7. Lets do this!
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  8. Day1 3/22/10

    Fasted Cardio: 1.1 mile run at decent pace, time not kept
    Weight Training
    Pre Exhaust: Cable Cross [30x15] [40x15] [50x15] [50x15] [50x15] [50x15] [50x15]

    DB Bench [50x8] [80x7f8] [80x5f6] [80x6f7] [60x10] [60x10]
    Chest Dips [BWx10] [BWx10] [BWx10] [BWx10] [BWx10]
    Incline Bench [115x10] [115x10] [115x10] [115x10]
    Overhead DB Tri Ext [65x10] [65x10] [65x7f8]
    Cable Rope tri pushdown [50x12] [50x12] [50x12] [50x12]
    Reverse cable pushdown [50x20] [50x20] [50x20] [50x20]

    I Really wanted to break my body today. Past week or so kinda has been un restricted, clean but carbs were pretty high. Today I didnt eat much, but another thing was I wasn't all that hungry either.

    Cals: 1288
    Protein: 106(33%)

    I want to get my protein up but again I didnt eat much of anything to day a mix of like I said breaking my body out of habbit, and cause it was a busy day. Diet will improve.

    6:35am: 2 caps
    3:00pm: 1 cap

    Overall Today was a crappy feeling day. Cutting all those cals and carbs just exhausted my body a lot faster than I thought. I needed it though. I noticed pretty much right away I was wide awake a lot faster before my cardio. Usually I'm dragging my feet out the door, but I was ready to do work this morning.
    Felt pretty lousy throughout the day. I have a feeling overall I would of felt worse without Vapor.
    Its hard to judge the following based on the drastic change in diet, so take the following ratings with a grain of salt.
    Ill put this in my opening post but the grading scale will look like this
    0=worse than par/terrible
    Energy: 4/10
    This is my energy for the day. Considering I felt terrible this is going to be under par. I think Vapor xt definitely helped though, so this isn't an accurate reading on the energy effects of Vapor XT.
    Hunger: 3/10
    Even though I hardly ate, I wasn't hungry. I didn't go through the day wishing I had something to eat, it could of just been a busy day and didn't have the time to consider food
    Fat Loss:N/A
    only day 1. too early to really make comments on this area.
    No sides to report as of yet.

    If I'm missing anything let me know I'll be glad to add it in.

    And Now I shall leave you with her
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  9. Day2 3/23/10

    Game Day

    Due to being on a busy for most of the day lunch and dinner were sandwiches. Which really didnt agress with my whole low carb goal, but I made due with what I had, and it was either subs or not eat at all.

    Cals: 1288
    Protein: 87(20%)

    I plan on bringing a protein shake on the bus next time.

    6:50am: 2 caps
    2:30pm: 1 cap

    Much better day than yesterday. Felt that energy I used to love right away. Felt good in the am, I havent noticed any themo effects yet, but its still just day 2. Due to game times I cant move that second dose back, just yet, So i start dragging a little bit around 7-8pm about. Which is fine for me cause thats a solid time to start getting ready to rest up. Not to much to report today, tomorrow is another game day, workout will be possibly a fast one if I can get in and get out.
    Energy: 8/10
    Wasn't falling alseep in class or on the bus, which usually even if I'm not tired, I tend to do. Felt amped throughout the day untill about 7:30 or 8 which was on the bus back to campus so got a short nap in.
    Hunger: 5/10
    No real difference from normal hunger. Carbs are so high just cause of my situation. Tomorrow I hope to at least get my protein up higher.
    Fat Loss:N/A
    only day 2. too early to really make comments on this area.
    No sides to report as of yet.

    And Now I shall leave you with her
    Ali, she can workout with me any day
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  10. Kill it man. Im watching both logs lol.
  11. Day3 3/24/10

    Game Day
    Leg Day
    Leg ext: [70x12] [70x12] [70x12] [70x12] [70x12]
    Leg Curl: [65x12] [65x12] [65x12] [65x12] [65x12]

    *Squat [135x10] [135x10] [135x10]
    *overhead squat [80x10] [80x10] [80x10]
    Single leg Leg press [335x10] [335x10] [335x10]
    Standing calf rasies [300x30] [300x30] [300x30]

    *=superset with matching *
    Again it was game day stuck on a bus for lunch and dinner. So carbs were in check untill then. Did better with protein though, adding an extra shake in here or there with a whey/casien/soy blend with low carbs and cals.

    Cals: 2378
    Protein: 177

    7:05am: 2 caps
    2:30pm: 1 cap

    Another game day left me on the bus for most of it. Felt energized and warm all day. Starting to feel those thermo effects, and even outside towards the end of the game others were started to get chilly but I felt fine, even sweating a little from armpits. Got back to campus around 9:10pm leaving me with 50mins to get in the gym. It was by not means a good workout, I was short on time, grinded out reps as I could, wish I had more time. I haven't trained legs in a while and wanted them to slowly can back into it because I can't afford those deathly sore legs in season that tend to come when you miss a leg workout or 2.
    Energy: 8/10
    Felt good throughout the day and into the afternoon and during the game. Not getting that mid day fatigue I'm so used to, and I love not having that feeling knowing my body is going to hit a wall at a certain time everyday
    Hunger: 6/10
    I ate lunch around 12:30 then dinner around 7, but for some reason I was pretty hungry waiting for the pizza's to get to the bus before we left.
    Fat Loss:
    Starting to feel warming effects, and a bit of a diuretic effect as well. I noticed that upon flexing my upper abs are more visible then 3 days ago in the same situation.
    I dont wan't to count the warming effect as a side because it is NOT uncomfortable. Its just some extra sweat, and if anything I like it, lets me know theres something going on.

    And Now I shall leave you with her
    Amber, another cutie
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  12. Ha! Love the pics. You gotta eat more then 1200 cals on those days though. Any idea what your RMR is?
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  13. good luck, hope this product lives to its claims....
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  14. Just a update about the weekend

    Saturday: had 3 games all day Saturday didn't have time for anythig. Left early and stayed long didn't get back in time to lift. I also don't have macros today but again food was made up of fruit and sandwhiches. I took 2 cap early am then another cap around 4pm instantly felt the difference while most people were dragging I was flying around the field ready Togo.

    I used Sunday to rest up. I have a long week ahead had a long day before just sat around and got some paper work done. Looked into a training program that willbetter suit y schedule being in conference and everything. I'll outline my new findings in another post.

    so far I'm happy with the results. I definietly feel my body holding b to less water. I am down 2 ibs from the start which is good progress already I like the energy and thermo feeling I get from using vapor. I hope with the new trainig I'll be able to really get some hard work done this week

    Practice(with plyo conditioning ~15 mins)

    Deadlift [305x3] x10 sets 30 sec rest
    Chin ups [BW+35 x 3]x10 30 sec rest
    Front squat [135x3]x10 30 sec rest
    Dips [BW+25 x3]x10 30 sec rest
    10 mins stat. bike HIIT
    60secs light peddling lvl 1
    30secs intense peddling lvl 10



    Went grocery shopping last night picked up some eggs and chicken, so diet will be getting much better, needed to wait untill some cash flow came in.

    2 caps 12:30pm
    1 cap 7:00pm
    Woke up late and in a rush to class I forgot to take my vapor, but I knew instantly I was dragging all morning untill I could get back to my room. Instantly felt better, had a ton of energy going into my pratice, felt good going into my workout, took a scoop of MM pre workout energy increased a bit, and got a some sweet endurance. got a good workout in following a new 10x3 fat loss
    Energy: 8.5/10
    Was hoping around practice, moving around, felt great, had a bunch of energy and it showed in practice and in the gym. With a less rest short explosive lifts in my new workout, I feel like it pumped up my energy levels more than getting 8-12 reps then rest for a min or 2.
    Hunger: 6/10
    I'm hungry for all the wrong things, I need to work on backing off the carbs, I went tot he store picked up some chicken, and eggs, and whatnot so I hope that helps me get more calories and more calories from protein rather than carbs.
    Fat Loss:
    Water is clearing off, feel dryer and tigether in my arms and chest, still looking for it to hitmy abs, when i finally back off these damn carbs I hope that helps.

    Warming effect, again not uncomfortable, but I did feel a little bit of an upset stomach when I took 2 caps on an empty stomach and didnt eat anything in a while. this is my first experience of this Ill keep tabs on it.

    And its not an update without a girl of the day.
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  16. Quote Originally Posted by Gonzo14 View Post
    .....Went grocery shopping last night picked up some eggs and chicken, so diet will be getting much better, needed to wait untill some cash flow came in.
    I know what you are talking about cash flow is always a problem that affects diet.
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    very good log warcraft.. the girl of the day is just an added bonus!

  18. updated the first post with startin pics, the close ups are taken a few days earlier then the full profiles.
    Also my back is terrible, anyone have tips to get rid of the back hair I've check out the razarba but didnt know if anyone had other ideas?

  19. WEIGH IN:


    Medi ball slams [15x20] x3
    Cable woodchoppers [50x20]x3
    Russian twists [25x20]x3
    hanging leg raises [15]x3

    [1min jump rope 30 sec plate holds]
    repeat for 10mins of jump roping (not including rest)


    Diet was on track untill late afternoon/early evening when my stomach was a bit upset, didnt want to eat too much after that.

    2 caps 7:00am
    1 cap 4:00pm
    Pretty solid day, got morning class over and done with early. Due to weather the game was postponed to a later date. Hung around and relaxed most of the day, caught up on some sleep because really didn't have much else to do. Felt good untill around 5:30-6 when my stomach felt a bit upset. Seemed to go away once I went to practice and got my mind off it.
    Energy: 6.5/10
    Today was a pretty slow day, took a nap, felt good not over energized, but not tired. I have a feeling because my day was pretty uneventful for the first half is why I never got a real energy charge.
    Hunger: 5/10
    I was fine untill my stomach was acting up. I'm not sure why it did, but I was eating much better and more frequently.
    Fat Loss:
    droped a pound, I hope my weight continues to go down.

    Another upset stomach, but I dont think this ones connected to Vapor.

    And its not an update without a girl of the day.
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  20. Nice pics (the girls mostly).

    Love doin medicine ball slams.
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  21. Quote Originally Posted by Gonzo14 View Post
    anyone have tips to get rid of the back hair I've check out the razarba but didnt know if anyone had other ideas?
    Attached Images Attached Images  
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  22. Quote Originally Posted by ax1 View Post
    sick dude, I'l look into it lol

    I know I haven't been able to update with much, I finally made it home for Easter break and family has been shuffling in and out the past few days, a solid update will come tomorrow!

  23. I've been killer busy being in season and with class this past week or so, but still take Vapor,heres a progress report

    Diet for the most for part has been in check. Carbs in the 100-150 range, protein generally 180+ and fat under 100g.
    Considering being on the road alot this is pretty good. Water intake is a little low, going to be bumping that up starting today.

    With a pretty busy season schedule there doesn't leave a ton of time to get into the gym, I've been lifting 3times a week, sometimes 4 on top of practice and games, which I'm counting as a solid cardio w/o.
    Workouts have been a 10x3 push pull spilt working with ~80% 1RM 30 sec rest.

    WEIGHT: 180
    This is down 8 ibs from the start.
    ENERGY: The energy is still top notch. I enjoy long lasting energy all day. I'd rate energy about an 8/10. Energy is clean and non jittery, almost dont realize the boost unless I am unable to get the second dose in on time (due to class or game)
    VASCARLITY: Increaseing. Move visible veins through forearms and biceps now into delts.
    FAT LOSS: Down 8ibs, some water, skin feels tighter. Overall feel good.
    SIDES: I've notice that if I take vapor on an empty stomach and do not eat afterwords for a while it will bother my stomach a bit. I'd say about 35-40 mins after the dose if I still haven't eating anything my stomach will begin to be a bit upset, and once I put food in my stomach, it settles back down.

  24. 8 pounds in nice progress,

    glad you didnt quit on us, i forgot your existence for a minute.

    you def want to make me try this product some time.
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  25. Quote Originally Posted by ax1 View Post
    8 pounds in nice progress,

    glad you didnt quit on us, i forgot your existence for a minute.

    you def want to make me try this product some time.
    i'm still in the game, just very hard to update from waking up, getting to class, then right to a bus or field, then coming back and hitting the gym when time or sometimes right to bed.


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