My review of a $12 tub of protein mix (Body Fortress Advanced Whey Protein)

  1. Arrow My review of a $12 tub of protein mix (Body Fortress Advanced Whey Protein)

    So I was buying a few things at my local walmart (new pillow, headphones, crest whitestrips, and a few other things) when I came across their supplement section. I was actually quite surprised to see that they even carried a whey protein formula, so I compared a few of their choices and decided to get a 2lb tub of the Body Fortess Advanced Whey Protein in chocolate.

    Here is my review of the product.

    Formula - 7/10
    The formulation is pretty solid - 26g of protein and around 150 calories per scoop. Pretty standard. Only concern is that it is a blend of both whey isolate and concentrate... Anyways, I like how the tub shows you the amino acid profile on the side, so you know exactly what you're getting in every serving. It does contain 3g of creatine mono per scoop, which is a good thing for most people. It's used to help with recovery, but some people just can't tolerate creatine mono... So this probably wouldn't be one of their staples.

    Taste - 9/10
    Love how this stuff tastes. I've never really been able to keep a protein shake as part of my diet, simply because most of the flavors leave me feeling like **** after I drink them. With this stuff, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it actually tasted pretty decent (especially with milk!). Much better than GNC's brand if you ask me.

    Value - 10/10
    From what I have researched, walmart only carries the 2lb tub. In my area, it's only $12. That's perfect for someone like me who makes a walmart run every other week or so. No excuses to not drink two or three servings a day now!

    Overall - 8/10
    Great for people like me. Good for it's money and a little more too. Haven't had any negative side effects with it so far! Was really suprised to see how well it mixes in a shaker! Good stuff

    If you're on a bulk, you should try mixing in a scoop of peanut butter and use whole milk... Easy calories whenever you need them!

  2. I used bodyfortress for a quite some time while I was on a budget. It is cheap, but dang after a while I couldnt even drink it anymore because of the taste.

  3. i use this stuff, it taste terriable in my opinion, but hey its cheap and its protein

  4. My hats off to you, because that **** is awful.

  5. I used it all the time and never had a problem with it.

    I only stopped using it because a Sam's Club opened here and I can get the 5 lb EAS whey for $28.

  6. Whats with you guys and not ordering supplements (protein) off the internet? Go to nutraplanet www .nutraplanet. com/product/legal-gear/lipotropic-protein-5-lb.html?sel=2255 and get 5 pounds of good protein for 29 dollars.

  7. Strawberry is the best....mix it with skim milk, throw in some ice and a banana. Love it.


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