Hello, this is my first post on any kinda muscle or fitness forum, but i have been lurking for years. I am 23 (turning 24 in August), 6' feet tall and 236 right now. I am probably like 11-12% bf. I have been lifting for 3.5 years consistently. I am already reasonably strong and pretty athletic. I haven't maxed out in a while but i bench 315x5/6, squat 405x10 (bad left knee) and deadlift 500x3. I can dunk (in game) off vertical leap or running, so i'm pretty explosive. I hoop alot. So, that enough about me.

I have done TONS upon TONS of research and forum lurking about M-Drol. My goals are not to get much bigger(some is fine), but stonger and a little leaner. I will also be focusing on explosion and power of my legs cuz I would like to increase my vertical as much as possible. (I took Powerdrol by BCI, a Superdrol clone as well, 2 years ago at 10mg a day for a few weeks but really didnt know what i was doing. BUt my vertical increased a few inches, and i changed nothing about my training routine.) Thats all i have ever done as far as a PH.

Here is my cycle organization:
M-Drol 20/20/20/20 (10mg every 12 hours) with Perfect Cycle by Anabolic Extreme. For PCT i will run Nolvadex 40/40/20/20 with inhibit-e by SNS and a natty test booster(haven't decided which one). I am also considering ArimaDex. I am open to any suggestions. I take N.O.Xplode and Beta-Alanine pre workout. I was also looking at CytoLean V2 by Gaspari to keep energy up and burn a little fat. Either a week or 2 into m-drol cycle or right after cycle.

I will keep you all posted on progress and sides. Please feel free with suggestions. I may have left some stuff out but that is the gist of it.