Copy Cycle of escholar's M14ADD+PMAG CYCLE

  1. Exclamation Copy Cycle of escholar's M14ADD+PMAG CYCLE

    Want advice on pct for the same cycle as escholar's:
    120/120/120/120 - m14add
    ---------- 50/75/75/75 - pmag
    -----------------100/100/100/50 - formestane

    Support supps will of course be taken.

    The pct I have planned is also the same:
    after the 6th week when my cycle ends I will run pct supps for 4 weeks:
    -natty test booster (probably mass addiction or cel's pct assist)
    -inhibit e
    -formestane (only run 2 weeks into pct since it is introduced at the end of the ph cycle)

    I want to hear advice as to whether I should just use OTC pct supps or run nolva/clomid for pct. I want to mantain my gains to the fullest possible extent, while also making the "right" call here.

    Thank you.

  2. I vote for stacking them, rather than bridging.

    What's your history? If you have experience, isn't it possible to be prepared and base your pct on how your body is responding?

    some might get mad that you posted in the "supplement logs" forum. This topic should be in the "cycle info" forum.

  3. Hey,

    Thanks for your response, I have ran h,drol solo as well as m14add before with great success using just otc pct. But for a 2-compound cycle like this I want to be sure of my pct.
    Also, why do you suggest a stack instead of a bridge?

    Thanks for your reply.

  4. serm or u wont hold gains and recovery will be slow

  5. Dup,
    my opinion is that M14 is a moderately potent designer while pmag is a mild intensity densigner. When you drop the more aggressive compound, it's my opinion that you'll simply be prolonging suppression while having less gains. I sort of think of it the same as tapering a steroid prior to pct... not what we want IMO.

    My opinion is that most pct theories that get thrown around are based on more aggressive studied compounds that completely shut us down. I've used legit serms that I had tested in a lab, and had lousy pcts with them. On the flip side, I went all otc after pmag and it was the easiest pct both in terms of holding gains and symptomatic recovery as you suggest.

    I personally ride the fence with pct options for this particular stack (or bridge). I think standalone, otc pct is sufficient for either of these compounds. I'm not sure in a stack, which is why I'm thinking I'd have a few contingency plans available in my stash.



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