HereToStudy is keeping healthy [Controlled Labs OxiMega and Orange Triad]

  1. HereToStudy is keeping healthy [Controlled Labs OxiMega and Orange Triad]

    So as some of you may know, I won the Controlled Labs Orange Oximega Prelaunch Contest. Out of the 12 Word search puzzles, I believe I won about 6 of them. What does this prove? That I am unproductive at work. But it paid off when I got home from work today to find a large package waiting for me. Inside, Controlled labs had sent me a box of the new Orange Oximega combo pack, a bottle of Orange Triad, and a bad ass Controlled Labs tshirt.

    Orange Oxi Mega
    As provided on Controlled Lab's Website

    Many people don’t realize the crucial effects that overall health supplements can play on their training. Without the essential nutrients your body needs to survive and flourish, it cannot build a strong foundation that is so crucial to lean mass gains. Orange OxiMega™ was designed to help you establish a strong, healthful, foundation on which to base your training, diet and supplementation. Coupled together with Orange TRIad™, you will have all of your overall health requirements exceeded including omegas, vitamins, minerals, fruit, vegetables, digestive support, immune support, joint support, and cardiovascular support.

    Orange OxiMega™ is comprised of two products in every box. The first is a very high potency Nordic fish oil product that is 60% DHA/EPA. This is an extremely high level which allows for the overall consumption of less fat and cholesterol from your omega intake. Not only are these Nordic fish oil softgels a nutritional masterpiece, but they are enteric coated and citrus flavored so they smell/taste very good and you will not get any regurgitation (fish oil burps) that is common with cheaper more crude fish oil formulations. Our Nordic fish oil is also free from all contaminants and is molecularly protected with the inclusion of vitamin E so you can be assured of the utmost quality.

    The second component of Orange OxiMega™ is a true sports greens product, which is the first of its kind. This is no ordinary greens product; it has additional complexes geared towards real athletes. The “Cardiovascular Complex” is full of nitrate donor vegetables, including a potent dose of red beet root, which have been shown to increase endurance, nitric oxide levels and cardiovascular health in exercising humans in a clinical setting. The key to these vegetables are the nitrates that are found in them and elicit this effect when they come in contact with the human tongue and GI tract. The enzyme, probiotic and anti-oxidant blends will help the body absorb and utilize the highest level of nutrients from your diet and supplementation for maximum results. Not only is this greens formulation healthful, but it tastes delicious too with its 100% naturally flavored spearmint without the use of any artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors (the product will mix a dark green/brown color due to the high level of red beet root in the formula).

    Establish a STRONG foundation for maximum gains in the GYM and in LIFE with Orange OxiMega™!

    I won't also introduce the Orange Triad. For those of you who have been members on this board, you more then likely are very familiar with Orange Triad, and how it is an amazing formulation of a men's Multivitamin for any serious athlete. It makes for the perfect combination to the Orange Oximega, to provide your core health supplementation, on top of food of course.

    Now to discuss how the actual product usage went:

    I first took the Orange Triad.] As per the label, I will be taking 3 pills twice a day for a total of 6 pills total. The pills are slightly big, but when you consider the amazing vitamin profile packed into each serving, this is to be expected.

    Next up was the OxiMega fish oil. The pills seemed about the same size as the fish oil I have been currently taking (kirkland brand). As soon as you open the bottle, you can immediately smell the citrus smell from the coating of the fish oil. Although these are caps, that don't really provide a taste (I swallow my pills fast - so their might be a slight taste) the citrus smell makes the fish oil much more pleasant to take.

    Now to what everyone has been waiting for, how the Orange Oximega Greens tasted. Let me preface this by stating that I am not a vegetable person at all. I was spoiled as a child by being able to be very picky with my food. Unfortunately, not eating vegetables does not work for someone hitting the gym hard. So slowly I have been eating asparagus, broccoli, onions, carrots, sweet potatoes, etc. With that said, I am still not someone who gets excited about veggies.

    That is probably why I took receiving this as a mixed blessing. On the positive, I can get some of the health benefits from eating greens without the taste. On the negative, I would have to put up with a near-gaging liquid version of vegetables. BOY WAS I WRONG!. Simply put, this is really really good tasting. For today's serving, I wanted to try it solo, without whey powder (more on this later). I had mixed it with just water, and stirred with a spoon. The mixability was very nice. The taste was minty, but not overbearing. The cold water with the Oximega actually remained quite refreshing, something that completely shocked me for a greens drink.

    Tomorrow, I will be taking this in 8 oz of milk with chocolate whey powder. Someone in another thread joked about this labeling it "Liquid Thin Mints." I mentioned this to Crowler, and he tried it and claimed it was delicious. So I can't wait to try it tomorrow.

    The oximega greens supplement has 60 servings. I have only had one of them so far and can already assure that I will look forward to using this product as a supplement to my diet from here on out.

    Here's to your health.
    Just inject.

  2. So tonight I mixed the Oximega greens with my chocolate mint protein. It tasted amazing. For those who will be running the oximega, I definitely recommend trying it this way. Since my protein was chocolate mint, the mint became a bit overbearing when compared to the chocolate, but a pure chocolate protein with this stuff should be perfect. It's good to know I am getting more green benefits in a great tasting formula.

    Thanks Controlled Labs for a fantastic product!
    Just inject.

  3. Update:

    (Spoiler: This paragrah discusses digestive health)
    I have been using one serving of Oximega a day since I have received it. Most noticeable effect so far is it seems to be regulating my digestion alittle bit. I can't describe the how of this, especially since my diet stays fairly clean so I have no digestive issues, but just the general sense of more consistency. Consistency as to time of day is actually even become fairly regular.

    The taste is still fantastic. I was currently on a loading cycle of Creatine (I know, I know, you don't NEED to load creatine, but why not...), and during this phase am taking 3x the regular dose of 5g (I am using Creapure). Yesterday was my last day of loading, which I am happy for because 15g of creatine in a drink is alot of powder, When I use the oximega in conjunction with the Creatine, it makes the powder taste go away quite nicely.

    For those with some Oximega, I have a great protein shake for you:

    1 Scoop of a chocolate based whey,
    8oz milk
    1TB Peanut butter
    1 Bannana
    1 Scoop of OxiMega
    This tastes so good I can not believe it is good for you lol. Some may not like the bannana due to thickness of drink, but I personally love that effect.
    Just inject.

  4. glad to hear that it was solid tasting. Will be picking this up in my next order
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  5. here to study-this is one damn fine log-very nice job!

    use code THEBIGT for 25% off

  6. In for sure!
    Controlled Labs Rep
    Email: [email protected]

  7. Quote Originally Posted by AE14 View Post
    glad to hear that it was solid tasting. Will be picking this up in my next order
    If you are looking for a greens supplement, you can't really do better than this, good taste with a big ingredient profile.

    Quote Originally Posted by thebigt View Post
    here to study-this is one damn fine log-very nice job!

    Quote Originally Posted by Illilian View Post
    In for sure!
    Just inject.

  8. Tonight I did the protein shake I described earlier. This time I added ice to the blender to get a bit more of a smoothie feel to it. It came out really good. There was only one thing that I thought was strange, and I don't mean this in a bad way, just strange.

    Remember earlier how I had mentioned that a glass of cold water with Oximega Greens tasted quite refreshing (Think Ice mint tea)? Well when I had tried the protein shake previously, It literally tasted like a chocolate mint snack, but had the general "feel" of a protein shake. With the addition of the ice, even a heavy protein shake, (remember I also had PB and a banana in there), seemed to have a picked up that refreshing taste feel to it. Obviously not as strong as water+Oxi, but a still very noticeable after taste.

    On a side note, something I will be looking out for in the future. Today while warming up, I noticed a slight difference in my heart rate. I try to stay in the "fat burn" heart rate range while doing my warm up on a treadmill, and usually I have trouble staying consistent. By this I mean sometimes I overshoot it, then as I try to lower it, I end up under the range. Today for whatever reason, it felt very easy to keep my heart rate consistently in the range. I will openly state this might be placebo, because I did reread the description of the product again earlier today, which makes mention of cardiovascular health. So for now it will be considered a "coincidence," but I will pay attention to it.
    Just inject.

  9. Alright, another follow up:

    (P.S. For those that are wondering why for a "log" this does not get updated often, keep in mind I consider this a staple kind of supplement. It's the same reason why my PP's Creapure hasn't gotten any updates, its hard to log something that doesn't provide that "OMG I gained 10 lbs in two weeks" feel.)

    With that said...

    I have for sure noticed that my digestion seems more regulated. Big meals don't leave my stomach feeling upset, a problem I am just used to having. The most notable point on this is the regulation of my bathroom visits, sorry if you don't want to hear about this. Literally at the same time everyday, no issues. I never had a problem with this, but the regulation is a plus.

    As for a follow up on the heart rate. I do feel that is definitely easier for me to keep it regulated, something as previously mentioned I have struggled with. This for whatever reason I don't understand though. Maybe a CL rep can chime in on what might be going on, as in what ingredient could be the cause. I really did feel it was placebo before, but I am pretty convinced a change has occurred.

    As previously implied, an A+ product!
    Just inject.

  10. Subbed and liking what I hear so far.

  11. Everything has been going great. Feeling alert and well, regulated digestion, and a bit more stanima. Heart rate is still pretty spot on in gym.

    If you are looking for the fish oil, whey cheap has it for cheap today only:
    Just inject.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by HereToStudy View Post
    Everything has been going great. Feeling alert and well, regulated digestion, and a bit more stanima. Heart rate is still pretty spot on in gym.

    If you are looking for the fish oil, whey cheap has it for cheap today only:
    just saw that!

  13. Keep it up. I might have another surprise for you.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Dracoy View Post
    Keep it up. I might have another surprise for you.

    Today I took my dose again with my Creatine. I don't happen to like the texture of creatine, especially when I don't have a juice to mix it with (my preferred method of dosing). Let's face it, creatine in water is not desirable at all. So my drink today was water, creatine, and of course, Orange OxiMega. The taste was very good, as noted last time. It really covers up the taste of the powder. The other thing to keep in mind is it's ability to dissolve, which I don't think I have commented on yet. Without access to a mixer (I am staying at my girlfriend's most this week), I am using a cup and spoon. For many supplements (i.e. some brands of protein), this can be a disaster. Luckily, this is not the case with the Oximega, as a good stir and the drink is good to go, even when not chugged (I usually don't chug any of my drinks).

    On a side note, my girlfriend decided to come to the gym with me this week so I can show her some of the lifts that she should be doing. (She is one of those girls that thinks any lifting will turn her into Arnold). When I explained to her that this is not true, and it should be a part of her workout, she asked for me to show her some of the lifts. With that in mind, she has been asking me about some of the staple supplements that I take. Since I consider this to be a new staple, I explained to her the importance of a multi-vitamin, fish oil, and now the greens product, as a supplement to good diet and it's benefit towards overall health. With that said she was curious to try some of the Oximega, but it took some heavy convincing that it did not taste like ****.

    She is a really picky about certain things, and automatically assume based on the green/red/brownish color of the mixed drink that it must taste terrible. After telling her that even I was amazed at how it tastes, she tried it. She too, was completely convinced that it tasted very good. She actually seemed quite shocked that she enjoyed it as much as she did.

    I noticed that in another log, the user has been commenting on areas where he has noticed improvement. I will only outline the areas where I feel I have noticed improvement.

    Appetite - I am hungrier then usual, but feel this might be a result of the digestive regulation that I have experienced (More Later.) My metabolism overall seems to be increased a bit.

    Digestive Regulation - I can't comment on this enough. I truly feel that my digestive health has been most significantly increased, and without getting graphic, feel a bit more regulated.

    Libido - It is always hard (heh..heh) for me to coment on libido. Being almost 23, I am still in a stage where my libido is constantly trough the roof, or at least it seems. With that said, I can't say if there any specific change, but definitly hasn't been a lack, so take that for what it's worth.

    Energy - Throughout the day has been a good level of energy, slightly elevated beyond normal. It is accompanied by a sense of well being, that I can partially say that this product has helped, but is something I experience as a result of trying to stay healthy in general.

    Joints - (Does this have any intended joint benefits?) I ask because I do get sore knees from doing squats, and this problem has been slightly decreasing. I didn't completely give credit to the product at first, but after reading that the other user is as happy with joint health, then it might be more then a coincidence.

    Sleep - Unfortunately, my sleep has been bad lately. This is not due to the product, however. I have been getting to bed early enough to get a decent nights sleep, but I have been having night wake ups occasionally, which I will blame the new job and concerns over trying to move soon.

    Overall still very satisfied.
    Just inject.

  15. Another update:

    At this point, I have taken daily doses of the OxiMega, so I can give a pretty comprehensive statement as to how I feel it has impacted me.

    I have been eating more and more. For some reason, I am sometimes absolutely starving sometimes only an hour after my last meal. Don't know what I can really thank for this, but the only thing I am currently taking that I don't have experience with is the OxiMega, so it is most likely the culprit. This is good because I am bulking (trying to keep it as clean as possible, but some heavy cheat meals).

    This is going good with flying colors. Controlled states in their description that nutrient absorbtion should be improved due to the enzyme, probiotic and anti-oxidant blends. I, although am trying to learn more, no experts in how these things interact with the body, but I know its working, so I'll assume those ingredient blends are what is causing this.

    As mentioned previously, I have received alot less stress from joints post workout. This is something I just got used to having, but it seems to have diminished, which is definitely a good thing.

    I have not talked about Recovery previously. I currently am not taking anything that would directly aid in my recovery post workout. After a workout I am very sore, and sometimes completely knocked out. Since taking the OxiMega, I have had slightly better recovery. This might also be partially due to switching from a normal one-a-day multi vitamin to a more athletic blend as found in the Orange Triad.

    I am very satisfied with this product. Although I continually strive to eat better and better, including more greens, I would never be able to match the benefits I receive from supplementing with the OxiMega through diet alone. Thanks Controlled for the chance to log this.
    Just inject.

  16. Currently half way through enjoying my OxiMega for the day. Sorry about the foam, I had felt like making it extra refreshing and had actually mixed it in the blender with water/ice, to make it like a mint slushy. I get creative with my supps.

    Just inject.

  17. Email me (dracoy[@]]

    Need to ask you about this opportunity

    Try putting it into oatmeal with chocolate protein powder. Nom.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Dracoy View Post
    Email me (dracoy[@]]

    Need to ask you about this opportunity

    Try putting it into oatmeal with chocolate protein powder. Nom.
    Sent buddy, thanks!
    Just inject.

  19. Hey, bro, might I suggest another CL product for the sleep issues: REDuction PM. It's a great product for sleep, forget fatloss.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by poison View Post
    Hey, bro, might I suggest another CL product for the sleep issues: REDuction PM. It's a great product for sleep, forget fatloss.
    I actually have had better luck with the sleep lately, I have just had to make a conscience effort of no matter how much is going on, I need my sleep. However, if I feel this positive change is only temporary, I'll look into it.
    Just inject.

  21. Quote Originally Posted by Dracoy View Post
    Keep it up. I might have another surprise for you.
    this guy really knows how to do a log. hook him up, lol.

    if he sticks it out on here he has potential to be a major player, imho.

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