USP Labs Prime log

  1. USP Labs Prime log

    Prime is one of my favorite supplements and every time I take it I always get really good results, in terms of body composition and strength gains. For the past few months I have been training and establishing a baseline from where I could track my progress without the aid of any supplements besides creatine, protein powders, fish oil, and vitamin D. I was able to put on near 10 lbs of good weight during this time, of course not all of it being muscle but I would say a good portion of it is. In order to gain weight I have just been eating more caloricly dense foods while also increasing my healthy fat intake with a good amount of fats, which seems to be working for me.

    Body Type:
    6'3" 228-231 lbs about 13-14% BF

    4 days a week (Upper (Push focus)/Lower/Upper (Pull focus)/Lower)

    Increase strength
    Gain good weight
    Jump higher and farther
    Sprint faster

    Dosage: 6 every day (I have 180 caps) a full months use

    *I am also waiting for the delivery of my Natabolic Kit apparently was backordered on some site and will start natadrol + ghenerate depending how my gains on Prime only are coming along...if it is slow I may try natadrol + ghenerate + prime. Should be fun.

    3 caps of prime pre-workout

    Lower Body (03/13/10)
    225 x 6 (3R/ 3L)
    225 x 6 " "
    245 x 6 " "
    245 x 6 " "
    245 x 6 " "

    B. Snatch Grip Rack Pulls
    315 x 6
    365 x 6
    405 x 6
    455 x 6

    C. DB Reverse Lunges on a Slideboard
    BW x 8 ea. leg
    30's x 8 ea. leg
    50's x 8 ea. leg
    50's x 8 ea. leg

    D1. Rear elevated GHR's (maybe called Decline GHRs)
    BW x 8
    BW x 8
    BW x 8

    D2. Belly Press
    50 x 10 ea. side
    60 x 10 ea. side

    3 caps with pre bed meal

  2. let me know your gains!?

  3. i got a question, as a high school student, working out often and taking this suppliment, will i gain to much bulk to swing?

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