OEP and lean fx

  1. OEP and lean fx

    Hi all: I just wanted to comment real quick my wife has been on OEP and LEAN fx and the stack has been awesome. She had hit a plataeu and this really broke through but the thing is it is really cutting fat from problem areas upper arms hips and thighs. WITHOUT any change in diet. Ok that's it just like to give good feedback where good feedback is due

  2. Money bro, oep is good stuff

  3. Yep i'm using OEP myself and loving it

  4. What's ur dose at?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by MrBigPR View Post
    What's ur dose at?
    just one and one i don't need anymore which is great one battle can take me 6 weeks. and I do hard cardio right now 2 hours a day 1 pill will take me through 1.5 hours of heavy bag, mit work and sparring no problem.

  6. I was up to 3 a day at one point

  7. im running OEP next, pretty excited, heard alot of good things about it. any other good stacks with it?


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