like to thank anabolic innovations for the samples.


DAILY DOSAGE- two in the a.m. and two pre workout.

wouldnt believe the craap i got done with the morning dosage. cleaned up the garage one day and the other i repaired and maintanenced all my workout equipment. i wasnt standing around thinking i was just focused and doing the task at hand.

preworkout dosage,was surprised i could get reved up like that on a 2nd and same dosage. again i was focused and got the workout done within my time limit,and i was logging my own numbers. i was increasing my weight well why using motivate. every week i take my number of pounds from my second set the previous week and start with that amount. hitting that number easily on the first set. was quite impressed and im bummed im on my last two as i type this.

definite 9/10 rating.

the one thing i was concerned about was the taste of the capsule when i would burp. had a synthetic taste,maybe its the ingrediants.
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DOSAGE- four pills before doing the deed.

yeah this stuff definitly kicked things into overdrive. little arousal juice for her and the perform for me and her and we were on like donkey kong. sessions did last longer between shots fired. this stuff actually lowered my sensitivty,almost like it numbed me a little so i could bang it out longer.she absolutly loved the stuff. we even busted a move after an hour break.which is something i love. the libido effect was pretty euphoric,almost like the effects of low dosage thc.

stuff was awesome indeed. we are definitly looking forward to purchasing some more perform.

another 9/10 rating.

same capsule taste with the burps but still a great product.