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    Today I received my Orange OxiMega, Greens+Fish Oil. [Thanks]
    I decided to start out with the recommended dosages of both. 2 scoops of the Greens, and 2 capsules of the Fish Oil. And I will just go through it as recommended, taking the two in the morning.

    Fish Oil Initial Review:

    It's fish oil, so there is not much to say in terms of feeling any sort of kick or tingling feeling of any sort, but I did get some overall observations. Opening the safety seal, the smell was actually not that bad or even strong and it quickly went away. Same with the taste, there was pretty much no resembles of a fishy flavor of any kind. I guess that is just the coating at work. But it was nice, and easy to swallow. No fishy odor of any kind. I don't think I got a taste or scent of citrus though, maybe it was minimal or I did not pay attention to it, just did not notice much scent or taste from the actual capsules that resembled citrus.

    Greens Initial Review:

    This was actually kind interesting. The powder is pretty much darkish green. The smell is very earthy, kind of reminded me of green tea. Mixing with water it becomes a mix of brownish and dark green color tones. Smell still very earthy and nice. The taste, there seems a hint of Spearmint, but other than I am not sure how to describe it, I guess like a greens product, but I found it delicious.

    Both of the supplement appear to be digesting pretty well. No signs of weird reactions or stomach discomfort. I guess for the first dose, both of the products seem rather exceptionally good and interesting to see what progress will be achieved later in this "cycle".
    Shredding (3/19/13): OxyElite Pro (Original Formula) + Compound 20

  2. A good product choice. Sub'd

  3. Anyway what Controlled appear to have done on the green product is use MycoGreen (MST) as a source of antioxidants, loaded it up with fruit and veg antioxidants and used the very popular greens blend powder format or .... ahh... I forget the product. The original greens blend has been around for ages since '96 or so.

    Fish oil .. my question is that I can get fish oil anywhere, cheaper. Krill oil is interesting but here you're paying almost the price of krill oil for a fish oil.

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