Help With Havoc Cycle

  1. Help With Havoc Cycle

    Hey everybody, I'm new here and just had a few questions about my upcoming cycle.

    I was thinking about stacking Havoc w/ either Furuza-A or 11-Sterone. Which would you guys say is a better stack? I'm 6"2 235 and looking to gain lean mass with the hopes of getting my bf% from 10 down to 6. Also, would you guys recommend taking both simultaneously at the beginning of the cycle or bridging them three weeks into the cycle..dosage suggestions? Do you guys know of any other methylated ph that would work better than Havoc?? Any other tren xtreme clones out there that have great results??

  2. anyone .....any sugestions..??

  3. ..or would you guys suggest a d-plex / stano drol stack running :
    stano 450/450/450/450/0/0
    dplex 75/75/75/75/75/75

    ..dosage suggestions pls...thnk you

  4. I would just run Havoc straight, by itself! You can get great results from it alone.

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