Panther's Pounding it with Purus!! Muscle Marinade Log!! (sponsored)

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  1. Hahaha Muscle Marinade really helps you for sure on those damn Leg days.

    Sounds like you are getting after it. Representin the OK lol
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  2. Doing what I can haha still trying to get some pics up but my phone's screwed up and my gf never brings her camera when she comes

  3. Update

    Had a great Bi and Tri workout today! Pumps were really good and energy was great, for whatever reason I wasn't feeling too strong other than on weighted dips. Not sure what that was about but I was definitely motivated which is always a bonus. One thing I noticed was that when I did cardio I felt EXTREMELY fast on sprints but tired VERY quickly... I mean running faster goes hand in hand with tiring more quickly but I was really tired after about ten minutes... hope that doesn't last... well I wouldn't mind feeling that fast from now on Haha
  4. Update

    Alright, didn't use MM on friday due to a late night shoulders workout but had a great Chest workout yesterday, seem to be getting stronger and still leaning out some, i think that I may be in more of a recomp at this point than a cut which is ok with me, Just finished a leg workout that went great!! over the last two days my energy and focus have been extremely good and I had a good pump in my quads and calves today! Overall am very pleased with this product so far!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Grambo View Post
    Hahaha Muscle Marinade really helps you for sure on those damn Leg days...
    thats for damn sure. gives you the you need to kick the out of those plates!

  6. Update

    Great Bi and Tri workout today, felt like a beast lol my weighted dips are still going up in weight which I'm very happy with although I seem to have tweaked my back a bit which sucks but thats life. Did 12 mns of HIIT after lifting, was gassed at the end but I'm still feeling extremely fast!!! So far I love Muscle Marinade!
  7. Update

    Had a good chest and back workout today, still feel like I'm getting stronger and having good pumps and energy. Although I did get extremely tired after lifting today, to the point that I took a nap lol but other than that everything is still going good.

  8. Awesome updates. Keep throwing that weight around...
  9. Updates

    Sorry for the lack of updates, have been extremely busy. I did have probably one of the best leg workouts I've ever had Tuesday, and that is a completely honest statement, I felt extremely strong and was more motivated to squat than I have been in a long time. That was a nice change for me. Also, Biceps and Triceps were a good workout for me Thursday, I'm still having amazing pumps, although I'm finding that the energy is slowly tapering off into more of an extreme motivation than pure energy, which is fine with me. As far as cardio, for some reason this week was not a good one for me I was feeling winded pretty early in it, so I don't know what to attribut that to. Overall a good week in the weight room (other than shoulders yesterday which I missed out on )
  10. Update

    So far this week has been going well, did legs yesterday and chest and back the day before. I'm starting to notice being stronger, not leaner though lol due to me eating more but as is life. My focus is remaing good as well as my energy, but the energy is still more of a motivation than anything. I feel that i'm starting to build somewhat of a tolerance but we shall see!
  11. update

    Alright guys sorry but sh!t has been retarded over the last week i've been busy as hell with preparations for finals and what not. I was able to work out but not like I would have wanted. The MM really has been helping when I'm run down, the energy that I wasn't feeling as much is much more prevalent when taking worn the eff out. In that respect i've been loving it. Strength has stagnated somewhat but that too be expected at a time like this but overall everything is still going good. Except the fact my bottle is looking pretty empty


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