Big thanks to GeekPoop for hooking up the sample.

I have been hearing so many good things about Focus XT for so long and have been aching to try it out. Being sensitive to stims I have been hesitant to purchase a whole tub, but after trying it I wish I would have.

The blackberry flavor is excellent. No hint of harsh chemical flavor at all. Mix with cold water and you could totally mistake it for Kool-Aid.

Normally 200 mg of caffeine would get me way anxious and jittery, but not with Focus XT. I did get the caffeine "jolt" but not the anxiousness or stimmed out feeling. Maybe I was lacking in some of the nuero chemicals that are enhanced by this product, I dunno. Whatever the case, I got an immediate feeling of energy, followed by an uplifting sense of mood, and an almost manic desire to get things done. I just wanted to be productive. This was a great thing for me as I somewhat dread the feeling that too much stimulation gives me.

So I went about some daily errands, called my mother (which is always a chore) and tackled a big tedious project I had been putting off. All the while thinking about how pleasantly smooth the energy was, and knocking down chores with ease. This product would be great for those dieting as well, as my normally large appetite was very controllable.

There was no crash whatsoever, and the effects seem to last for a good four hours at least. I only wish I had more to try it before a workout, and test it in some other aspects of my busy life.

So, all in all it was a very pleasant experience. I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone looking for enhanced mental function. And do not let a fear of caffeine or overstimulation stop you from giving it a shot, if I can handle it anybody probably could.

If I had to give it a number, I would have to give it a 9.5 out of ten. The only reason it does not get a perfect score is because I just did not have enough to give it the thorough trial I would have liked. It is that good.

Anyone intrigued by this product should definitely throw it in your cart without hesitation.

Thanks again to SNS and Geekpoop.