Started cut(OEP, DCP,TT-33, and Recreate)

  1. Started cut(OEP, DCP,TT-33, and Recreate)

    ok I officially started my weightloss journey for this year. Currently 240, not sure on bf% but higher than it should be. I just finished a lean bulk with superdrone LV and tren, bridged into epi and will be on epi for another 3 weeks. Have been off all stims for a month. I will be weight training 3 times a week with a dc type principle. On off days will be doing cardio. Will be starting out at around 3000-3200 cal a day and taper down from there. So far nothing to really report, feel good and energized especially after not using stims for so long. Having some nasty burps, think it is from DCP. I have used the other products before with out this side so I am guessing it is dcp. Taste kind of like ginger or something

  2. start of the second day. Lifted yesterday morning and did 40 mins cardio last night. Today is off day from lifting. I went in this morning and did 40 min fasted cardio. Will do cardio again tonight if I get off work in time. I will try to post up diet specifics soon

  3. Last night I slept the best I have slept in a long time. Lifted this morning and then did 30 mins cardio and felt really good. Was very alert when I woke up and was able to get going easily. Started on formadrol extreme today as I will be coming off epistane on friday and I was gonna add it to my pct with arimidex and clomid.

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