Mr. Rage's Superdrone Log with a Havoc chaser

  1. Mr. Rage's Superdrone Log with a Havoc chaser

    Ok folks... Here it goes.

    I will be running Superdrone from Primordial Performance.

    been cutting the last few months, had had a rough year and balooned up to 199 at 25% bodyfat... ran a cut/recomp the last few months and for down to 175 at 14%, lost a little muscle at the end but... now its time to do a good clean bulk and gain some weight while hopefully losing some more bf.

    stats right now
    28yrs old
    5'8" 175lbs
    arms 14.75in flexed
    neck 16in
    waist 33.5in
    thighs 26in

    been training for 12yrs, minus 2008 till oct 2009.

    now for my stack
    on cycle:
    SD-LV 10/15/15/15* or 10
    Havoc 0/0/0/20/30/30
    Resveratrol 0/0/0/400/400/400/400
    dhea as needed
    Cycle assist and cycle support. Extra milk thistle, NAC, and hawthorn as well, and have been preloading those.
    and an aggressive supply of protein, bcaa's, beta alanine, etc.

    Clomid and torem as needed
    Lean Xtreme
    heavy NAC loading
    Creapure from PP

    Mon- chest/tri
    tues- legs (quad focused)
    wed- Back
    thurs- off
    Fri- Legs (ham focused)
    Sat- shoulders/bi
    sun off
    All workouts are 4 sets of 4 excercise per part, 8-12 rep range to failure, lifting heavy. 20 min of cardio after workout at least 3 days a week and 60min on thurs off day.
    Beginning tomorrow with an off day to get some in my system and my first non cheat meal carbs in 3months.

    will be shooting for 4500 cal a day and 350-400 of protein.

  2. looks bad ass. good luck!

  3. 3-7-09
    day 1
    weight 175.2 lbs.

    Woke up this morning, and took my first 2.5 g dose... felt good, ate breakfast and went about my day, enjoying my first non cheat carbs in 3 months... it was a nice change. had a little BP spike early in the evening... but nothing major 138/72, normally 122/62 or so at that time. upped my extra hawthorn and brought it down.

    tomorrow is first workout.

    split the dosage 2.5/5/2.5 btw

  4. 3-8-10
    176.2 lbs

    woke up at 7:30 and popped 2.5 mg, felt good and made my eggs and yams.

    at 1, took 5mg and my preworkout and took off to the gym for chest tricep day

    WOW. I tend to respond easy and quick to things... after doing my warmup barbell presses (can never do too heavy do to a shoulder issue) i got an 8rep set out at 5lbs heavier than last workout.

    Hopped over for some dumbbell flyes.. went from 45lbs to 50 (each) at 8-9 reps,
    also increases on my presses and cable flyes.

    My triceps were feeling a little work but i did 3 sets of dips, followed by kickbacks and rounded off with 7 sets of pushdowns, 5 with vbar, 2 with rope at 140lbs and 110 respectively.

    I know, those are a little low... but i sacrificed some during my cut trying to do it so fast, and still coming back from almost 2 years of doing nothing.

    hope next week is better and things pick up even more... sooo looking forward to next week.

    Also, ate buffalo... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    as far as sides... big BP spike tonight... 158/78 took extra Hawthorn and seemed to knock it down to the low 140's. gotta stay on this one harder. Hopefully giving blood later in the week helps too. my rbc count was a little high going in.

  5. 177.6 this morning, seem to have lost a bit in the waist as well

  6. ok, so as i said i weighed in at 177.6 this morning, seemed to be a little thinner in the waist.

    Had some PVC's this morning prior to my first dose. Think it was post anxiety related as i got a little anxious over my bp spike last night. They went away after my first 5mg dose.

    im now dosing in two 5mg doses AM and PM.

    went to the gym and did my light leg day. I save squats for the second one because tomorrow is back day and i dont like doing both consecutively.

    some numbers from today.

    Narrow Stance Hack Squats
    310x 20
    380x 15
    380x 15
    380x 15

    narrow power squat
    330x 15
    330x 15
    330x 15
    330x 15

    Narrow Stance Leg Press
    420x 20
    450x 20
    450x 20
    450x 15

    Calf Press On The Leg Press Machine
    420x 12
    450x 12
    450x 12
    450x 12

    Donkey Calf Raises
    320x 14
    340x 12
    340x 12
    340x 12
    340x 12

    Leg Extensions
    180x 12
    195x 9
    195x 9
    195x 9

    Bp has evened out with new hawthorn dose, no other sides to speak of.
    Thought i was going to explode after eating my PWO shake and then pasta and buffalo an hour later... been so used to cutting diet amounts of food my stomach is like "WOAH WAIT WTF!!!"

    so far so good, tomorrow is back day.

  7. 178.6 today....

    had a nagging headache since last night... BP is normal. 119/68, hoping its just tension.
  8. UKStrength
    UKStrength's Avatar

    Liking the log so far mate, keep the updates coming!

  9. well, i have a severe sinus infection... and since i need antibiotics, i need to end my log.

    i look forward to trying it another time, and i had gained 4 pounds in 4 days.


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