"LG33's" Primordial Performance's Strawberry Lemonade MAP!! Log/Review

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  1. "LG33's" Primordial Performance's Strawberry Lemonade MAP!! Log/Review

    Maximum Absorbed Protein

    * Improves strength & recovery better than standard protein
    * 2-3x more effective than whey or casein protein
    * No artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors
    * Tropical Mango – Lemon Lime – Strawberry Lemonade
    * No lactose. No bloating. No cramping

    Product Information

    Amino Acid Injection

    Muscles need amino acids to rebuild and grow.

    Maximum Absorbed Protein (MAP) is the best way to get amino acids to your muscles. MAP delivers amino acids quickly and fully. It's the most efficient way to get them to your muscles, short of injecting.

    No other protein or amino acid absorbs better than MAP. (1) The amino acids in MAP are carried right through the stomach walls without any digestion required.

    Tiny Peptides -- A Clear Advantage

    MAP is 100% pure pre-digested casein protein. This means that the casein protein has been broken down into small peptides of two or three amino acids. The amino acids in MAP absorb better than amino acids in single form (which make up 95% of the amino acid supplements on the market). (1)

    When amino acids exist in short peptide form, they are water soluble. In fact, mixing pure MAP in water will result in a completely clear solution. If you mix whey or soy protein in water, you get a cloudy, chalky mix because these long chain proteins are not 100% water soluble.

    The water solubility of peptides allows them to pass through the intestinal walls and absorb into the blood stream -

    Maximum Absorbed Protein -- High in Leucine

    Remember leucine? Leucine is the most important amino acid for increasing protein synthesis in the muscles. (2-4) MAP is one of the best sources of leucine you can take. Let me tell you why.

    Each gram of leucine from MAP is absorbed 3x more efficiently than the leucine found in BCAA’s blends. (1) That’s because amino acid blends are single (free form) amino acids, while MAP amino acids are in peptide form.

    Just take a look at the comparison below. Peptides are absorbed 2-3x better than free form amino acids or long chain proteins (whole food) -

    Start Building Muscle in 30 Minutes

    Research clearly shows MAP is the fastest and most fully absorbing protein on the market.

    But what does this mean for lean muscle growth?

    Taking MAP before exercise causes a rapid increase in amino acid levels in the blood.(6) A recent study showed that maintaining high levels of amino acids during exercise (by consuming MAP 30-60 minutes before exercise) reverses muscular protein breakdown and starts to stimulate the process of “muscle protein synthesis”, during exercise. (8)

    MAP actually starts building muscle during your workouts.

    Plus, when amino acid levels are elevated during exercise, it actually increases the muscle building potential after exercise. (7)

    So in addition to maximizing muscle growth after exercise, supplementation with short chain peptides has been shown to promote recovery of muscle force better than regular whey or casein protein -

    Refreshing Fruitiness, minus the Sugar

    Besides the fact that MAP is the best source of amino acids, it's also one of the best tasting pre-digested proteins on the market.

    To trick the tongue into thinking you are drinking mom's fresh squeezed summer time juice we fortified our MAP with freeze-dried fruit powder, and infused it with natural fruit flavors. To sweeten things up we added precise amounts of stevia and luo han guo extract -- 100% natural non-calorie sweeteners.

    All together, this means MAP -

    * Absorbs better than standard protein
    * Absorbs better than free amino acids
    * Enhances recovery & strength better than regular protein
    * Increases protein synthesis within 30 minutes
    * Low calorie (<52 calories)
    * Low carb (<2g carbs)
    * Low sugar (<2g sugar)
    * 100% natural

    Stay Smart

    On your path to find a cheaper or superior product, be sure to carefully read the label. Although other products on the market may have “predigested” or “peptide based” protein, they are mostly filled with cheap forms of whey or soy protein and other undesirable fillers (plus loads of artificial sweeteners and colors).

    Remember, our MAP is 100% pure hydrolyzed casein (PeptoPro® brand). No fillers. No junk.

    Click here for Maximum Absorbed Protein


    1. The number of glycine residues which limits intact absorption of glycine oligopeptides in human jejunum.
    Adibi SA et al.
    J Clin Invest. 1977 Nov;60(5):1008-16

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  2. awesome bro im in.

    edit let me know if you need me to move this.
    Athletic Xtreme Team REP

  3. First off, much thanks goes to Trauma1 and Primordial Performance for the opportunity to try this out. I was out in the yard working today when the mail man brought this to me.. I did go inside and mix up a scoop in 12 onces of water to give this a go! very impressed!

    I will rate of multiple levels here 1-10, 1 being the lowest 10 being phenomenal, I will be using this pre and post, post will be bridging me to my post work out meal.. few days I will be adding this Intra work out as well
    During the week I will add in Recovery, Endurance, and anything else you may want to see or ask..

    First Impressions:

    Container: 10 - awesome size in my opinion!, not huge and bulky, and perfect for any hand size; perfect for any gym bag

    Smell: 9- Once I opened this up the strawberry hit me, I was like wow, pretty strong there which is great. So ofcourse i stuck my finger into it and tried it out

    Mixibility: 10- Soon as I added one serving, this dam near instantly dissolved, I mixed it with a spoon and i was set..nothing floating, no powder bubbles, and zero residue on the glass..very nice..

    taste: 7- I chugged it once i mixed it up, it says to let stand for 15 minutes for best flavor, I'm thinking for the freeze dried products to really set in, but i was hot and working all day and i needed somthing..the strawberry/lemonade is definitely there! which i really enjoyed, there was a little punch at the end..maybe the stevia? Im going to let it stand next time and see if theres a difference tatste wise, I will add this to my magic bullet and ice though..I can see this being a huge hit in the summer time with me after my cardio days

  4. NICE review bro, peptoPro is good stuff, enjoy!
    doing my own thang!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by andrew732 View Post
    NICE review bro, peptoPro is good stuff, enjoy!
    I will, I'm going to start cutting down, so I'm really going to put this stuff to work.., I will Incorporate after morning cardio, or maybe pre cardio or sip it during but also, pre and post

    Today is an off day so I'm kicking back

  6. I'm in like sin

  7. Subscribed.
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  8. I am in my friend, looking forward to seeing how this treats you
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  9. Nice interested in this...
    Live Hard, Laugh Hard, Love Hard and Heal Fast! - KLEEN
    Current Training Log -

  10. gonna check in often _

  11. Looks good so far man. Not many tasty fruit flavored proteins out there. Real curious about this one.

  12. Subdizzle my nizzle!!!

  13. In FTW
    ...GMG760 Version 2.0 ... Back from the dead.

  14. Very interesting. I might have to give this a shot depending on how the rest of your tests go.

  15. negged unless you trade me flavors

    you'll really like the recovery from this - i'm digging it so far.

  16. Very intriguing......

    "Ye are gods, and all of you are children of the most High."

  17. I'm finally here, Chris. I had a nutty weekend with school, work, and a sick baby....but I'm in my friend!

    Great log so far, buddy!


    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve

  18. Any plans mixing this in milk?

  19. I am in--- For your run!!!

    I have bought MAP Creatine Toco-8 IBCAA will be in today... This what I am calling the back to the basic stack.... happy I got the strawberry-lemonade But I have read the Mango is good too!
    Diet is always the key to unlocking the door of success

  20. late, but subbed...

  21. Quote Originally Posted by MrBigPR View Post
    Any plans mixing this in milk?
    Your paying a lot of money to have the impurities and lactose removed from the product, so to put them back in may not be the wisest thing to do...

    I started using mine yesterday 1 scoop pre and 2 post. I will know how to judge better how well it works as I watch the changes in my body composition for the next couple months.
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  22. Subb'd

  23. Quote Originally Posted by MrBigPR View Post
    Any plans mixing this in milk?
    mmm.... strawberry lemonade milk.....

  24. sub a dub dub
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  25. Day # 2

    Alright, So I started a new work out program today, Anytime I wanna start leaning and toning up I always increase sets and reps, So now, all of my exercises will be 4 sets 10. which every time I switch over it really taxes my body.. I did not do morning cardio fasted this morning, my cardio bunny "Wife" basically took over the in home gym, I'll just have to get up earlier tomorrow, but i did do some high intensity cardio after my lifts today, but would rather incorporate it into my mornings.

    Key Notes Of MAP:

    Taste: 8.5-So today I allowed it to sit for about 20-25 mins, Which it only calls out for about 15, but i was busy. I really enjoyed it! like I said a post ago, strawberry is there and very smooth, a few times I may have thought the lemonade maybe over powered the strawberry, but the more i tried to taste it i was confusing myself.. I mixed one scoop with 12 oz of water and consumed it on the way to the gym.. I know PeptoPro claims the peptides have a wicked absorption rate, more better then any free form amino's, which After today I'm a believer of this.. I need to gauge it more through out the week on different exercises, I usually tax my self to the point of getting sick on back and bi day, (Which is tomorrow).

    I also switched over to using DB's for chest, flat, Incline, flys..I had to gauge the size of the DB's to make it through 4 sets of 10, I had a killer work out and only consumed about 40gms of carbs for the day, next week I'll increase 5lbs maybe 10 on the last set or two..


    Flat: 4 sets of 10
    Incline: 4 sets of 10
    Decline: 4 sets of 10
    Flys: 4 sets of 10

    Tri push downs: 4 sets of 10
    Cable kick backs: 4 sets of 10
    Milking the Cow (Over head extensions) 4 sets of 10
    Dips:4 sets of 10

    Mixability: 10- Zero Issues with this stuff!

    Recovery: 9- I rested for about 75 secs in-between all sets for chest, I was really impressed..I love chest days, and wait all weekend for them..But I think I must give some credit to MAP for this!

    Endurance: 8.5 for only working on 40 grams of carbs(Entire Day), I was super impressed, I sweat in the gym, but today i was soaked and I'm sure it had allot to do with the recovery period only lasting 75 secs..which consisted of me walking to the water fountain

    Taste: 8.5 - Not sure what PP did to this, but its addicting! For me I for see me mixing it and drinking it more and more.. Like I stated above, the longer i let it sit, i enjoyed it more..I wasn't a believer in having it sit longer will improve the taste, but by no means is the taste bad if you don't.. Why is this Trauma? Freeze dried products? Either way..Awesome stuff... so yea.... first dose was pre work out with 12 oz of water.. Post work out I consumed abotu 10 mins after lifting, this time I mixed it with about 16-17oz of water, it did dilute the taste, but was outstanding!, it took a little of the lemonade bit away, i was dam this $hit id good..

    If I forgot something, let me know..



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