MAPping my way to the future (a PP sponsored log)

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  1. Day 5

    back/bicep day. had an awesome workout. i'm not sure if MAP is giving me recovery intra workout since my protein intake is already high. what i am sure of is my recovery time from DOMS is decreasing by roughly 8-12 hours with any muscle group i'm training. so on a normal monday i'll work my way up to a heavy set of deads, and will be sore till sometime wednesday morning (today). instead my soreness was gone by the time i had dinner yesterday.

    Day 6

    did a chest/tri workout yesterday. vague increase in recovery intra workout, though again with my protein intake as high as it is, its very hard to notice. still, if your protein intake is lower than mine, the difference of MAP might be much more significant. mixed the mango with 1 tablespoon of condensed orange juice, and it was smooth sailing - no glutamine bite, just a great tasting drink. problem solved

    Recovery : 9/10
    i'm bumping this up a point because of the noted decrease of killer DOMS.
    Mixability : 10/10 this is so easy to mix its ludicrous.

    working legs later today

  2. Great job on your log here, Suncloud. The recovery aspects really are commendable. Keep up the good work, buddy.


    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve


  3. UKStrength
    UKStrength's Avatar

    Keep up the good work Sunny!

  4. day 7

    worked legs/forearms. another solid workout, normal increases. did a few sets of front squats again on the machine (my left knee won't balance the barbell for front squats), using both a narrow and wide stance. intra-workout, i am having very slight increases in recovery - got a few more sets off than i expected. DOMS from day 5 is gone, and DOMS from yesterday (chest/tri's) aren't very severe.

    Day 8

    this time i tried mixing MAP about 45 minutes before my workout. there was definitely less bite at the end of it, though it was still present. those of you that prefer low carbing MAP should let it sit longer than directed. if you don't mind the carbs and just want to use a tablespoon of orange concentrate, that works very well. on to the workout.

    back/bi day again. i had my usual increases in reps, but i got done with my workout a bit quicker than usual - 4 minutes according to the clock. obviously i'm having some intra-recovery results, but the quickness of the DOMS going away is the most noticeable aspect. legs aren't doing too bad today, which is nice.

    DAY 9 (today)

    had some issues come up with a local dealer trying to get my girl to relapse. no gym today, which really ticks me off. i think i convinced him to stay far away however, so i'll hit up a chest day tomorrow and update. legs are almost at 100%, 54 hours after working them. front quads are more sore than the rest of my legs, but i've only worked them for 2 weeks now.

    chest/tri's tomorrow, with an update.

  5. DAY 10

    yesterday i got my chest/tri's worked out. got done about 5 minutes quicker than normal, so i added in a couple sets of dumbell pullovers. DOMS from all other muscle groups are gone, and this morning after working out my chest/tri's from yesterday they don't feel too bad. i'm sticking with mixing the MAP 45 minutes pre-workout as that's the best flavor i can get out of it as a stand alone. i can't frikken wait till tomorrow to tear my back up again. the noted decrease in DOMS at least to me is the most dramatic aspect of this product.

  6. UKStrength
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    Loving some DOMs reduction! Always good if you compete in other sports as well.

  7. any update bro?

  8. Any updates, bro?


    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve



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