Got Meat? MARINATE IT!. Muscle Marinade Log!(Sponsored)

  1. Got Meat? MARINATE IT!. Muscle Marinade Log!(Sponsored)

    Purus Labs Presents:

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    I Would first like to thank Purus labs for this opportunity to try their new MM, this is also my first Purus Labs product so I'm very excited about this. Also Thank you for the sweet shirt. Now enough talk, LETS GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD.

    Height: 5'8"
    BF%: 11%[/B]
    Overall Goal: Fat Loss

    Current training spilt
    Mon: Chest/bis
    Tues: Legs
    Wed: Back/Tris
    Thrus: Shoulder
    Abs generally 3-4 times a week.

    Training sessions as of right now start with a pre-exhaust before getting into the actual working sets.
    This is subject to change, all updates will include full w/o

    Anabolic Pump
    Omega complex
    Vit. C(as needed)
    Protein(pre/post/as needed)
    Note: NO OTHER PRE W/O or stim will be taken during this log.

    This log will include notes on
    • Mood
    • Energy
    • Pumps
    • Focus
    • Endurance
    • Vascalrity
    • Anything else as per request.

    I've tried a TON of pre w/o including but not limited to NO-Xpolde, Jack3d, White Flood, Anadraulic Pump, Super Pump250, NO Shotgun as well as my own homebrew.
    As of right now The best energy pre w/o supp(not including straight stim) is Jack3d, best pump I've gotten is my own homebrew, but next I'd have to say Anadraulic pump.
    Lets see where Muscle Marinade PLACES!


    Again I'd like to thank Purus labs for sending me some MM my way. I would like to apologise for the infrequent updates. I've had a hetic past month or 2. But here it is, the overall Final evaluation.

    ENERGY: 7/10
    MM didnt give me crazy energy boost, but just enough kick in the ass to jump start my workout. Energy was clean, I didn't experience and jitters, extensive dehydrations, or any other negative effects.
    PUMPS: 8/10
    A good portion of the workout rotuine I was on didnt allow for getting a good pump, but when I was able to chase the pump, It was significantly better. Muscles were tight and full through the workouts. I did experience some long lasting pumps as well.
    FOCUS: 10/10
    I Absolutely loved the focus I got out of MM. After long days, MM still gave me the focus and drive to complete my workouts. 10-15mins post taking MM I was ready to go, which is also about the same time line directed by the bottle to consume MM before workouts.
    ENDURANCE: 10/10
    Another great aspect about MM. Muscle endurance was definitely increased. I was able to go longer into workouts with shorter rest and fatigue was delayed noticeably. Took less time to recover, even working with heavier loads. Great selling points in my book.
    VASCULARITY: 6.5/10
    The pump contributed to most of the increases vascularity. I dont think MM contributed to a more veiny appearance but more of define the veins, filling them with blood to pop off my skin more.
    Taste was about average. I've had better pre w/os but I'm also had much worse. Taste got a little boring after a while, but overall I couldn't complain. Mixablilty was also about average, like most Pre w/o powders, it never fully dilutes in water, so keep giving it a frequent shake or 2 before sipping to prevent a very grainy last few gulps.

    I'd absolutely throw MM in the Pre w/o rotation. The focus and drive and endurance I get from MM are unignorable, and make up fdor the lack of energy boost, I'd rotate this in with a higher energy boosting Pre W/o such as jacked. I really enjoyed this product.

  3. looking forward to seeing your log.

    where abouts on LI? I grew up in Nassau Cty.
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  4. First Thing I'd like to note (not that it matters much) the marketing label is pretty sweet, I personally I like it. But more importantly is the Ingredient List. No hidden amounts! You know how much of what is where, down to the MG.
    Another thing I like already is 1 serving is 1 scoop, none of this 3-4(sometimes for me 5-6) scoop crap. I hate when I dish out the cash for 30 1 scoop servings that only lasts me 10-15 workouts.

    My expections are high First W/O on MM should be tonight, LETS DO WORK.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by AE14 View Post
    looking forward to seeing your log.

    where abouts on LI? I grew up in Nassau Cty.
    I'm actually over in Suffolk, over by Stony Brook U. Always glad to see Island-natives on the board!

    I'm out of state right now and the hotel's internet is down to be up "shortly" It doesn't look good. Note I have used only 2 sevings of MM so far, saturday I will update with a first impression and daily updates for then out.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Gonzo14 View Post
    I'm out of state right now and the hotel's internet is down to be up "shortly" It doesn't look good. Note I have used only 2 sevings of MM so far, saturday I will update with a first impression and daily updates for then out.
    looking forward to it


    Let me start by saying wow. I was a little pessimistic TBH at first. Well it was 2 fold. First thing I loved is Purus puts a huge emphsis on 1 scoop and 1 scoop only, which I like. I'm tried of dishing out 3-5 scoops per pre w/o drink. 2nd thing i liked was I knew down to the MG of what was in my 1 scoop. This is going to set the bar for other pre w/os I think.
    But not to why I was a little doubtful. I'm a big Stim guy, high high tolerance to stim, I'm talking my morning cup of coffee to start my day is like a entire pot, and This product isn't packing that much stim. (ironically the only thing that isnt set out in MGs) it says a mixture of caffeine and Geranamine. I'm going to guess most of that is caffeine. I'm going to guess less than 20mg is Geranamine cause I know how i respond to 20mgs of Geranamine and it really wasn't up to that par. Again this is my opinion I DO NOT know what breakdown but this is my guess.
    None the less. I took MM 15 mins pre w/o.
    The taste was enjoyable. A little grainy, like most if not all Pre w/os but I wasn't gaging.
    Now to the important stuff. I felt like an animal when i stepped into the gym. Concentrated, focused. And I busted through sets like a champ much less Fatigue than normal. I set a PR Deadlift at 405 (working up to it). Pumps were solid, again energy was good, not amazing, not jittery or anything at all.
    My endurance was VERY GOOD, Fatigue was LOW and Focus and confidence was through the roof.

    So far so good. I will be updating daily(or as close to it) with w/os and day to day feelings.
    So todays w/o will be coming later tonight or tomorrow morning.

  9. Sounds like you liked

  10. dude i'm gonna swipe the ingredients pic thanks

  11. I'm not an expert or a rep but I've been looking into this a lot lately deciding if I wanna try it and on another board I've seen a rep say the caffeine content is over 200 but not too much with the 1,3 being a pretty high dose, also that its a prop stim blend "for now"

  12. awesome that you got a shirt Gonzo! i like what Purus Labs is doing... and it looks like they have a winner with MM

  13. Quote Originally Posted by kmcart View Post
    I'm not an expert or a rep but I've been looking into this a lot lately deciding if I wanna try it and on another board I've seen a rep say the caffeine content is over 200 but not too much with the 1,3 being a pretty high dose, also that its a prop stim blend "for now"
    yeah Grambo said something to that effect on this board.

  14. Its more than 20mg on 1,3
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Grambo View Post
    Its more than 20mg on 1,3
    for sure!... if caffiene is around 200.... right?

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Grambo View Post
    Its more than 20mg on 1,3
    props on not skimping on the stims.

    use code THEBIGT for 25% off

  17. Quote Originally Posted by capnsavem View Post
    for sure!... if caffiene is around 200.... right?
    Exactly..... A little over 200. A big dose of 1,3 for sure.


    Pre Exhaust: Cable Cross [30x15] [40x15] [50x15] [50x15] [50x15] [50x15] [50x15]

    DB Bench [50x8] [80x7f8] [80x5f6] [80x6f7] [60x10] [60x10]
    Chest Dips [BWx10] [BWx10] [BWx10] [BWx10] [BWx10]
    Incline Bench [115x10] [115x10] [115x10] [115x10]
    Overhead DB Tri Ext [65x10] [65x10] [65x7f8]
    Cable Rope tri pushdown [50x12] [50x12] [50x12] [50x12]
    Reverse cable pushdown [50x20] [50x20] [50x20] [50x20]
    Today was a long day. Went right from afternoon practice into my lift. Took MM ~15 mins pre lift. I took MM on a completely empty stomach which might of upset it a little bit. I was pretty tired after practice, and pretty drained today. Carbs were very low, overall food intake was low, and my body wasn't expecting the drop off in carbs I dont believe so it definitely felt that way.
    Note the grading scale will be
    0=worse than par
    5=par or no effect
    10=full effect/amazing

    Energy: 4/10
    I felt like crap overall during my workout, I dont think MM gave me too much of an extra energy boost to amp me up for that workout. I felt below par energy for my workout.
    Pump: 6/10
    Pump definitely was better than normal. Again being so low on carbs didn't help at all. The first 2 doses I experienced much better pumps and that was with more food in my system.
    Endurance: 7/10
    This is where MM def. came in handy. I felt weak and tired and just not ready to go. I definitely could tell that MM was helping my endurance big time. Even feeling as crappy as I did, I was able to for the most part lift "good day" weight.
    Focus: 9/10
    This is another thing MM helped. I didnt have that dead set nothing else matters kinda focus. But with how I felt and how crowded the gym was I still got in the zone to finish some hard sets, taking a bunch to failure. I was able to zone out most of the people and really concentrate on my life. Normally feeling the way I did I probably would of tipped my hat and called it a day 1/4 in my workout but I felt MM kept me determinded to get work done.
    Vascularity : 4/10
    I felt pretty flat today, I could be holding on to a bunch of water, from the recent high carb days. Felt vasculaitly was about par, just a little under maybe.

    Rating might seem a bit low today, that is because overall I felt pretty exhausted today. When I get back into the groove of things I'm sure MM will show its true colors, so take this update with a grain of salt.

    And Ill leave you with her..
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    Game Day
    Leg Day
    Leg ext: [70x12] [70x12] [70x12] [70x12] [70x12]
    Leg Curl: [65x12] [65x12] [65x12] [65x12] [65x12]

    *Squat [135x10] [135x10] [135x10]
    *overhead squat [80x10] [80x10] [80x10]
    Single leg Leg press [335x10] [335x10] [335x10]
    Standing calf rasies [300x30] [300x30] [300x30]

    *=superset with matching *
    Another game day left me on the bus for most of it. Didnt get back to campus till 9:10 and the gym closes at 10, so I drank some MM ~25 mins out from arrival, jumped off the bus and got right in the gym. Not the hardest workout, but that wasn't because of lack of intensity it was a lack or time. That plus I cant afford the super stiff and sore legs that come after missing a a leg workout or 2, so wanted to ease my legs back into it. Got a pretty fast paced w/o in, and MM def. helped
    Energy: 7/10
    The last thing I wanted to do was a leg workout after a long game day. But when the going get tough, you need to get yourself some MM. I was about an hour out of the stim effects I feel from Vapor, so I was started to approch that wall, but MM picked up the slack and got me in. So Energy was real good.
    Pump: 6.5/10
    Working in high rep squats, after the superset pre exhaust reallly pumped up my quads. My quads are starting to lean out a but, and some definition is start to show, so the pump was real nice to see even more swelling than normal.
    Endurance: 8/10
    I did some high rep super sets hitting squats with 20 reps, and my endurance was there. Muscle fatigue was low, even though 135 is relatively light weight for me, I was making sure i was getting real deep, just past parallel, and exploding up and squeezing, trying to get the best out of it I could. Definitely felt strong and with shorten recovery time in between sets, it didn't feel too much different from normal recovery time.
    Focus: 10/10
    Usually when I'm pressed for time I start to panic, feel pressured. I like a routine and when I'm forced to speed that up I tend to lose focus and concentration. I got in, did work and got out. When from set to set fast and ready to go, and got in a decent workout in the time constraints.
    Vascularity : 6.5/10
    My legs really popped today. I know have veiny legs, but With the pump I had going in my quads I felt strong and some extra definition came with the pump.

    And Ill leave you with her..
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    Deadlift [305x3] x10 sets 30 sec rest
    Chin ups [BW+35 x 3]x10 30 sec rest
    Front squat [135x3]x10 30 sec rest
    Dips [BW+25 x3]x10 30 sec rest

    10 mins stat. bike HIIT
    60secs light peddling lvl 1
    30secs intense peddling lvl 10
    Went to practice, ran threw a pretty easy one with some plyo cardio work. Mixed up my MM on the field, drank while on the way to the gym, so I'd say ~5mins pre workout, Not ideal, but I was crunchin for time. Notice a change in my workout plan. I'm using a 10x3 fat loss plan thats slightly adapted from the one I found on t nation heres a link for anyone intrested.

    Also Sorry for the lack of updates, I've had a very busy game schedule not allowing me to get good workouts in so I dont want to waste MM on a 10 or 15 min light workout. But I got a plan down so I can be hitting it in the gym hard in a short time that fits into my scheduling.

    Energy: 7/10
    Energy was up and long lasting through out the workout. Because rest between
    Pump: 6/10
    Didn't really get too much of a pump today. It could of just been the workout doesn't really allow for one. Your hitting 3 pretty hard reps, then rest for a short while, then another 3 short hard reps. Not to mention the workout was developed around big compound moves i.e the deadlift, so its harder to feel one, but after deadlifting my back did feel tight and pretty pumped.
    Endurance: 8/10
    I love the creatine, and beta-alanine, ect because it helps a ton with muscular endurance. That lactic acid burn is definitely offset and my muscles I can tell are definitely ready to go 30 secs later, even when they are used to 2 mins or so.
    Focus: 9.5/10
    Stayed focus, through all 10 sets. Sometimes is hard, on short rest I want to just rest a little longer, catch my breath, but I was in the zone and ready to go, felt good.
    Vascularity : 4/10
    Increased Vasculaity through my forearms, and biceps noticeable when dead lifting and grasping the bar.

    Name:  AvaCowan1.PNG
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  21. I really REALLy liked that pic of Amber....


    Deadlifts [310x3] x10
    Chinups [BW+35x3] x8(partial reps on last 3 sets)
    Front Squat [155x3] x10
    Dips [BW+40x3] x10

    HIIT Sprints- 11mins.
    (on a 1/8th track, sprint straight aways walk turns)

    Game day in the early afternoon, then weight training and cardio in the evening. Took my MM a good 20-25mins pre workout. Got in the gym and did work, and got out.

    Energy: 8/10
    Even after going all day, walking to the gym I felt the extra energy boost start to hit me. Definitely helped my workout today.
    Pump: 6.6/10
    Not really working out to get a pump, but after doing all 10 sets, I definitely feel full. Its not the same feeling as with a high rep workout, but back after chins and deads felt tight and full.
    Endurance: 9/10
    Endurenace was great. Short rest, and heavy explosive reps really start to get hard come the 5th or 6ths set. Fatigue is noticeably offset.
    Focus: 9/10
    Got in did work got out, never lost sight of the goal, or thought about closing shop early.
    Vascularity : 5/10
    Normal vascularity through arms, gripping for deads and chins are popping the veins in the forearms.

    Name:  Bo.JPG
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  23. sorry for the lack of updates, I've been crazy busy but With only another severing or 2 of MM, I posted my final review in the second post thanks for those who followed along.


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