M14-e Log

  1. M14-e Log

    I said I would start a log so here it goes.....

    Stats: 21 years old, 190lbs, 6'0, about 10% body fat. Working out for about 5 years now. Only other PH was a cycle of nasty mass last year.

    WORKOUT SCHEDULE: Days 1-4 1hr1/2. Day1-Chest/Arms, Day2-Shoulders/Traps, Day3-Abs/back, Day4-legs/intense cardio. I walk 2 1/2 miles every day after each workout, except on the days I have scheduled intense cardio. I will take days off when needed in between and may also add in certain muscle group when I feel fit (for instance, I may want to throw in some abs or chest on a day scheduled for something else. But for the most part I will follow this schedule listed above.

    SUPPLEMENTS TAKEN: (Weeks 1-4 Cycle) (Weeks 5-8 PCT)
    (Weeks 1-8) Organ Shield 3xday, (1)breakfast, (1)lunch, (1)dinner
    (Weeks 1-4) M14-e 2xday, (1)before lunch, (1)after dinner with a mixed fruit/protein shake.
    (Weeks 5-8) Recycle 4xday, (2)lunch, (2)dinner.
    (Weeks 5-8) Liquid-Nolva, 40/20/20/10..... At 20mg/ml I am assuming that would be 2ml the 1st week for a total of 40mg. And 1ml the 2nd and 3rd week for 20mg. And finishing with .5ml the last week for 10mg.

    I am also taking Muscle Milk Collegiate for some extra protein and calories throughout the entire cycle. Men's one a day multi-vitamin and Omega-3. I also take Gaspari's Super Pump before each workout, it gives me that little extra boost I need to get things going!

    DIET: Breakfast - 4-5 eggs(scrambled with cheese), 2 slices of wheat toast.
    Lunch - Tyson canned chicken on 2 sandwiches of wheat bread. Apple or banana.
    Dinner - Chicken and rice, as much as I can possibly eat.
    After dinner - protein shake (2 scoops of ice cream, whole milk, pineapple, strawberries, banana, and kiwi).

    GOALS: Main goal is to increase bulk and weight, I am hoping to gain at least 10lbs of solid muscle by the time I finish the 30 day cycle. Strength would be a plus, but not as worried about strength as I am gaining overall size.

    This pretty much sums it up, I plan on following this diet and workout schedule strictly. I will be logging at least three times a week to record my progress until I finish this cycle. Then I will start a new log when I start PCT to record my gains kept. If you have anything to add, or have any questions please do not hesitate. Thank you all for following and I look forward to the results of this cycle.

  2. Just finished Day 3 of the cycle. I have not had any gains in weight yet, although I have began to see some signs of muscle increase and definition. Endurance has already gone up. It is still very early in the cycle but I can already feel it starting to work in my system. I am going to continue my diet as planned but if I don't gain any increases in weight after the 1st week I am going to increase my calorie up take by at least a 1000. I will post back Friday with a new update.

  3. Sorry I have not posted back in few days now. I just got hired for a new job as a salesperson and have literally been working my a$$ off. My last time in the gym was Wednesday. However, I am now able to get back into the same routine and will post tonight after I get done working out.

  4. Get back on this Dane.

  5. Sub'd bro. You should start feeling it now. Keep us updated on your strength/weight and such.



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