Hey, thanks for following along in my first log, if you guys have any suggestions or advice please feel free to leave it. For the next four weeks I'll be doing a cycle of Competitive Edge Alpha one. I do have cycle assist and Nova for a pct. I am 25 years old and have been lifting for a year now. I currently wight 168, and am 5 '7. I am hoping for a good 10 lbs on this cycle.

I take a multi vitamin twice a day and omega -3's three times a day. For the next four weeks ill be consuming 3,900 - 4,200 cals a day. 360 g protein, 400 g of carbs and 100 g fat. All broken into 7 meals. All protein shakes are made with 1 % milk and 1 tablespoon choc syrup.

Pre work out is one scoop protein with a large apple.
Post work out is two scoops protein with wholewheat pbj 1bsp jelly 1 tbsp PB
Before bed oatmeal and 2 scoop's protein

I work out 5 days a week.
Mondays - Chest and Tri's
Tuesday - Back and Bi's
Wednesday - Legs and Abs
Thursday - Shoulders and Traps
Firday - Arms
I do 4 sets 6 - 10 reps. and 20 mins cardio three times a week.

Today was the first day of Alpha One, I a very excited for the next few weeks, I'll update this every day except for weekends. Ill be sure to include all and any sides i am experiencing and weight changes. Ill post my today's work out to compare it to next weeks.

DB Flies 35x10 40x8 40x5 40x7
Decline DB press 40x10 45x10 50x10 55x10
Flat DB Press 45x10 50x8 50x10 50x10
Incline DB press 45x6 45x5 45x7 45x5
DB Tri Ext 55x10 55x10 55x10 55x10
Tri Rope Ext 60x10 70x9 60x10 60x10

Thanks for following along...

Barnaby Jones