Prime'd for 500 (Prime log)

  1. Prime'd for 500 (Prime log)

    Hey all I've been a member for awhile and always wanted to do a log so I figured I'd go for it. I've got 2 bottles of the 150 count and one bottle of the 120 count prime so I figured I'd run it for 8 weeks with the 6/9 protocol.

    The workout I follow is a push pull DC style (8 reps, RP 2-4 RP 1-2) minus the stretches 3 days a week Sunday, Wednesday and Friday.

    Chest: Flat BB Bench, Incline BB Bench, Decline Smith Machine Bench
    Shoulders: BB Shoulder Press, Hammer Strength Shoulder Press
    Tris: Close Grip Bench, Skull Crushers

    Squats and Deadlift alternate each workout
    Lats: Weighted Pull Ups, Lat Pulldowns
    Rhomboids, Mid Lower Traps: T-Bar Rows, Cable Rows, Dumbell Rows
    Biceps: BB Curls, Preacher Curl, Weighted Chins
    Upper Traps: BB Shurgs

    I generally alternate each exercise each workout.

    Current PRs
    Deadlift: 425x3
    Squat: 355x2
    BB Bench: 245x7
    Close Grip Bench: 235x6
    BB Shoulder Press: 180x8

    Goals for the end of the 8 weeks
    Deadlift: 500x1
    Squat: 405x1
    BB Bench: 265x8
    Close Grip Bench 245x8
    BB Shoulder Press: 195x8

    My diet isn't very strict right now because of school but I usually try to take in 4000-5000 cals but sometimes I'm lucky to hit that

    Current: 195.2
    Goal: 200

    I started today and my workout was

    Decline smith machine bench(I dont include the bar weight): 250x8 250x3 250x2
    Barbell Shoulder Press: 180x8(PR) 180x2 180x1
    Close Grip Bench: 235x6 235x1 235x1

    I'm probably just going to update the log on each workout day since I dont have much time right now to do much more because of school so hope you all enjoy and hopefully Prime will help me hit my goals

  2. 4.8 pounds is easily attainable with eight weeks of Prime and eating big, hell I'm sure you could hit 205 over that time period. Don't be afraid to eat as much as possible, Prime will give you very good quality gains.

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