I have been on prime and super cissus for only a good 6 weeks, and the past week I didn't take any at all with being out with a horrible cold. Terrible week for this to happen becuase my first meet this year was on saturday (27th).

So I still ended up lifting a little under the weather and put up better than expected numbers!

Bench - 220lbs, 230lbs, 235lbs <-- Made all 3 attempts.
Squat - 310lbs, 335lbs, 370lbs <-- Made all 3 attempts.
SL Deadlift - 315lbs, 355lbs, 410lbs* <-- Made all 3 attempts.

*New personal best in SL Deadlift (Stradle D.lifts is where my 515lbs record stands)

And with those numbers, I earned 2nd place in the 175lbs weight class!!
The guy in first won by 300lbs so I was happy lol.

And that is swith squating 3 times and straight leg deadlifting once before this meet!

Thanks USPlabs!