Dermacrine lv + Formestane Lv = a little more diezel

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    I don't think tapering off form is necessary. Also Sustain alpha doesn't need to be on cycle, just save it for post cycle the Formestane will take care of the estrogen. I also recommend OEP on cycle its been working on great, not sure about hghup though.

    Day 27- This stack has been great for my recomp. I'm noticebly bigger everywhere. My t-shirts are feeling smaller in the chest and arms and my Jackets are feeling smaller in the shoulders. Also my jeans/boxer's are more snug in my legs. On another note I've definely lost BF not sure how much but will check in a couple day with my final review. My lower abs are showing up nicely and I'm seeing new cuts everywhere. Also my endurance, drive and strength is up in my workouts every week. Side effects still none. I plan to use sustain alpha for post cycle .
    nice results-congrats!

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    Final Review
    Starting weight 201.5
    Final Weight 203.2
    Starting BF
    Final Bodyfat 10%

    I really liked this stack. I didn't get huge off it, but that's not what I was expecting. I gain some real quality muscle and lost a good amount of bodyfat. My strength went up considerably after about a week and a half in . My recovery time was great too and I didn't experience any sides except for some insomnia the first couple of days.

    Mass 6.5/10- I was on a recomp/cut and I still managed to gain a couple pounds while losing bodyfat , not too shabby. I think if I bulked for the 30 day cycle I probably could've got to about 208. I got to about 205.5-206 about halfway through the cycle and then cut.
    Definition/fat loss- 9/10 I was also on OEP, but I know the stack helped quite a bit as even when I was bulking my BF didn't appear to go up and when I decided to cut, I cut up pretty quickly .
    Strength- 10/10- My strength went up like crazy even with smaller isolation exercises like bicep curl and tricep ext or rope pressdown. I honestly think it worked better than my 1-tren cycle.
    Mood 9/10- My mood was good all around , I started feeling a bit more alpha on it as well, but never got short tempered.
    Libido 8.5/10- My libido was noticebly increased during the whole cycle. Nothing too crazy but definetly higher than normal.
    Sides 9.5/10- Besided the sleep issues the first couple of days I had no sides, not even increased acne. I was very happy with this because usually even test boosters give me increased acne.

    Conclusion- I'd definetly do this cycle again. Next time I'd like to run it as an 8 week cycle. I recommend this as a cutting/recomp cycle. You'll see very little to no sides and have very nice results.
    Awesome review mate Dermacrine was my first ever Primordial Performance holds a special place in my heart

    I'd personally never run a cycle over 6 weeks anymore, the recovery time is just too long. BIG fan of short cycles nowadays

  3. Derm + Form with the OEP is exactly what I'm planning on doing soon... Thanks for the great log, it's getting me pumped!

  4. Is four weeks too short? Should I push my cycle out to six weeks? I have been debating this for awhile.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by bikeswimlive View Post
    Is four weeks too short? Should I push my cycle out to six weeks? I have been debating this for awhile.
    I prefer five or six weeks with dermacrine. Its mild so you should be ok.



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