AMS Hormone Regulation Kit UTT - LOG

  1. AMS Hormone Regulation Kit UTT - LOG

    What's up everyone-

    New to the forum would love to hear feedback about my upcoming cycle...
    Going to run AMS Hormone Regulation Kit UTT - real excited.

    I'm 6'0, 180lbs, been lifting for about 4 years, really focused when I want to be. I eat everything and plan on keeping that up, plan on getting all my sleep and water and protein. I usually work out around 630am. Plan on lifting heavy, 4-6reps to failure, maybe mixing in some CrossFit type exercises for a little bit of cardio.

    wks 1-4
    6am - 1ad (1ml) and 4ad (1ml)
    6pm - 1ad (1ml) and 4ad (1ml)

    wks 4-8 (pct)
    6am - aromx (1ml) and test booster (advice? favorites?)
    6pm - aromx,(1ml) and test booster

    I plan on taking AI Cycle Support the entire time, Fish Oil, Multi, along with plenty of protein, calories, also I have some Nocturnabol (b/c I've read some ppl have had sleep problems).

    Like I said, I welcome any feedback and would love to hear some personal favorites for my pct test booster.

    Also, thinking of logging this, but I am a busy law student and wouldn't want to half-ass the log for anyone following. So I will keep everyone posted if I do make the time to log this. Thanks everybody.... Scratch that - This is guna be logged.

    So i took a solid week off before starting this morning - may have lost a little bit of strength but I think the drive is the biggest thing you lose when you take a little time off. Anyways - HERE WE GO!

    Day 1 - Wed. 2/24 -CHEST

    DB Flat Bench
    70lbs (each dumbbell) x 12reps
    (attempted 100x4 - got 2 - used to bang these out for 4 - soon enough)

    DB Incline Bench

    DB Flat Butterfly

    Barbell Close Grip Bench

    3 sets to failure (used to get the 45lb strapped around my waist - body weight today)
    14 - 12 - 12

    Decline Pushups (feet above chest n shoulders)
    54 total
    12 - 12 - 16 - 14

    Ok so not a huge day, but one of those "getting back into it days." Although I prolly could have gone a little harder - I got a sh!tty sleep last night so am not going too hard on myself.

    Tonight I am guna sleep like a champ with my Nocturnabol and just be ready to run sh!t tomorrow.

    If you are interested... I dosed like above this morning -

    1ad - 1ml
    4ad - 1ml
    4 caps HyperTrophX
    (might throw in a NO. thoughts? also may throw in PurpleWrath. thoughts?)
    Protein, AI Cycle Support, Fish Oil, Multi - post workout with breakfast

    Ok so feeling good, nothing special to report - although I criticized my workout earlier I gota say I did feel good - a little stiff but like I said - ready to get grimy!!


  2. If anybody is interested...I will be logging this in the AMS board

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