hello all i love pp products so like 10 mins after MAP when on sale i got aleast 1 of each flavor, its been about 1 week and i figured id review the flavors and feel for you all.
first off they all mixed the same, real easy in a very small amount of water. (less then a cup) also people should know that pp uses freeze dried fruit for most of the flavoring.
Tropical mango- hands down the best tasting very fruity the mango strongly over shadows any hint of pepto-pro, when i get more it will probably be this flavor.
strawberry lemonade- can taste the freeze dried strawberry's cant taste the nasty pepto pro which is good and if you can shake up the container a bit, that should fix it ive had 1 scoop so far like that.
lemon lime- it was my least favorite because i can taste the pepto pro more then the other flavors, the lime is trying to mask it but not strong enough. i didnt really taste any lemon.
Some other points about MAP is that for me each scoops have given me a nice little buzz of energy which i didnt expect to ever get from a protein powder, this is the main reason i would get more since there's no real BS fillers in it just the pepto and they give me the same if not more energy then any preworkout ive ever taken and ive taken quite a few.
i dose on day i play soccer 1 scoop before i play. also right before my lifting of that day and one during the end of my lifts.
on non soccer days its all around the workout pre, intra, post then a meal like 30 min later.

at 3 scoops a day its kinda spendy since at best it will only last 10 days but off days don't dose so that helps.