Purus Labs Muscle Marinade getting my punch on

  1. Purus Labs Muscle Marinade getting my punch on

    This is my initial thoughts on Purus Labs new pre-workout supplement Muscle Marinade ( Purus Punch ), this is UNSPONSORED, here is what they have to say about it:

    The Pre-Workout category has long riddled with ineffective, underdosed products lacking scientific validation. Companies do zero research yet pump tons of marketing dollars into convincing consumers their product is the best available. Typically, they design lengthy and purposely confusing nutrition panels, haphazardly concoct pixie dust proprietary blends making their cheap formulas, and load half the container with filler attempting to fool consumers into thinking they are getting more.

    Consider Muscle Marinade the anomaly. It was systematically forged from science and research by real scientists and athletes, boasting an ensemble of performance enhancing and recovery stimulating ingredients supported by peer reviewed and published human scientific data. Taking it a step further, Muscle Marinade includes the clinically supported effective dosage of each ingredient in every one scoop serving. NO OTHER COMPANY''''S PRODUCT can match these claims. All facets of exercise performance and recovery are addressed withing our formula including increasing high intensity power output and muscular work, boosting mental acuity, enhancing fluid balance and hydration, reducing cortisol and free radical damage, enhancing cellular immunity, and facilitating maximal post exercise protein synthesis.

    Marketing does not propel or sustain our products; Efficacy and Results do.

    here we go when i first opened the bottle I was filled with an aroma much like kool-aid not sure about you guys but I usually find that most supplements have an off sent as if they are very unnatural so it was somewhat refreshing looking forward to the taste.

    of course as Purus reps have discussed already they added a copy of the "white paper" that was really inconvenient, I thought it would be a shorted down version but it was actually pretty thick and held a good amount of the powder in its pages, and was difficult to take out without spilling some of the powder....

    now on to the actual supplement....

    Mix-ability: 9/10
    I was supprised how well it mixed most supplements always leave small chunks but about 99 percent of the powder mixed in relatively easily, I did notice once i let it sit for a couple minutes ( while I put something in my stomach ) it seemed to separate a bit but no big deal

    Taste: 10/10
    Right on with what the reps were saying, most of the time people pump their **** up and say the taste is probably the best on the market, or the taste is "alright" when in reality it taste like horse ****. This was perfect, definitely could drink this on a long term basis. Right there with Kool-aid or Hawaiian Punch.

    Stim Effect: 8/10
    Stims were good, I enjoyed it didn't put me in a state where I was overwhelmed, really woke me up and gave me a smooth feeling, which was great because I was dragging ass all day from school.

    Pump: 9/10
    I felt like I was an Alpha male on this stuff probably walked around the gym like I was mr. cool cause people kept staring at me. Felt so great I probably pushed myself too far. (While I was Benching I wanted to squeeze one more rep out and failed 70 percent of the way with no rep :facepalm: needless to say nobody thought I was an alpha male after that)

    Overall: 9/10: I love trying pre-workouts, really fits my life style but ill probably stop at this one for a while, 27 true servings is nice, dosed for a full amount of creatine so will save money on that. Very impressed with all these ingredients I thought it would taste crappy, but leave it to Purus to pull it off, very impressed.


    Down goes VPX :yodawg: :fukinskanks: :fawkyeah:

  2. Nice review, I wanna try this soon. How many times have you used this? I am interested in the effects over time.
    -OMEGA RecoverBro-
    When an omega male is born it's game over


  3. today will be my 2nd time it just cam out this past friday so with shipping i only got it yesterday its worth a try for sure....

  4. There should be nice accumulative effects. The owner said his weights have been going up after being stagnant for awhile after using this consistently. Take that for what you will though

  5. So would you say this is your favorite (it's obviously good) but do your prefer something like jack3d or whiteflood more.

  6. For me taste and pump are the two defining factors for a preworkout supp. I wonder how this product would compare to Anadrulic Pump?


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