Ending a 13 year "relationship" - no Ephedrine mini log

  1. Ending a 13 year "relationship" - no Ephedrine mini log

    This weekend, I ended a 13 year relationship / addiction to ephedrine hcl.
    Over the years, I can remember maybe 2 times I was not using, and its becasue I remember when I started taking it again.

    Just to give everyone here an idea of how much of a grip it had on me, It was no problem going through a whole sheet of 24tabs, 25mg in a single day.

    First thing when I woke up. 50mg. Eat shower, another 50mg. Get to work sit down, yet another 50mg. Take throughout the day then ramp it up again before working out.

    13 years this went on...

    Not having any WAS then end of the world. I felt the worst when I didn't have any, then went to the store to find some and they were out... I couldn't function. I went crazy in the head. I basically put EVERYTHING on hold until it came in.

    The worst was calling out from work simply becasue I didn't have any to take me through the day.

    This thread is intended to be a mini log of sorts. I took some time to put together a "stack" to help me fight off this addiction, and was excited about the possibility of going somewhere withought having to count out pills to put in my pocket.

    (Im going to work for the first time today ephedrine free- so I will have to cut this short)

    The plan (and why)

    NP's Geranium / 1, 3 Dimethylamylaminesupposed to be simular to norephedrine. I never was a fan of norephedrine, but I need something for mental alertness.

    AMS - Lucidrol - this would be the ritalin of nootropics in my book. Gave a calming, focused feel when I took it. I'm going to be effed in the head for a few days, so I figure if I take something that will put me there in a way, anyways, then I won't be able to tell the withdraw from the supps

    MAN sports Swagger - lol, I promised Posion I'd log it; it was too much for me to take, but Im finding out that yohimbie doesn't mess with me so much when it's not loaded on top if all the ephedrine

    Vicodin (back injury, but also maybe one of the keys here to starving withdrawl) I sprained a ligament in my lower back, so they tell me. 6-8 weeks to heal,.. thanks for my 5 days of pain meds, only to hurt it again, yes again doing THE SAME THING... start that clock over again

    App. Nutriceuticals NeoVar - not so much part of "the plan" , but I ordered samples a little bit ago and liked it
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  2. I wish you strength man, power of mind over matter. People sometimes look into mao inhibs(selegline) to deal with withdrawl from things like coke etc.. Good luck to you brother.
    The LORD is my rock, my fortress, and my savior; my God is my rock, in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety.-Psalm 18:2

  3. Good luck!

    Add some AN Amphetalin (Black Cat) once it is re-released. You may like more that all the things you have listed.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by machinehead View Post
    Good luck!

    Add some AN Amphetalin (Black Cat) once it is re-released. You may like more that all the things you have listed.
    I got some free samples of it; I did like it. And I probably will order some in the near future

  5. Today would be day 3; hopefully a magic number in terms of making my way through this.
    I have done this before (not by design), and it has NEVER been this dare I say "easy".

    I don't know how much actually wanting to quite makes things, hell, I was even EXCITED about quitting, but how much of an influence can that have outside of willpower alone???? I don't know.

    I'm left giving all the props to the supps on this one I think.

    I honestly figured this would be a drawn out mini log, but perhaps not.
    The hardest part is not constantly taking a hand full of pills, all the time, and breaking the pratice of getting all jacked up before I go to the gym.

    If I can just avoid getting fat (which is what started all of this 13 years ago)

  6. Good luck bro!

  7. fighting an addiction is tough but can be done. best wishes, and good luck. tom

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  8. Best of wishes brother.

  9. Well, I sware I never thought It would be this easy. Hell, Ive gone a day, maybe 2 without before and was basically debilitated the entire time.
    Hell, the friday before last I had to leave work early to drive out to the airport to pick up stuff before the withdraw came on- and pay $30 for 1 pack,.. only to find out they reduced quanitity again to 10 tabs. (I bought 2, and that lasted me about a day and a half... you do the math there)

    But I must give props to "the plan" as this was easy as shizzle

    I definately reccomend it for any extreme cases out there ...

    ...Now on to the next thing. Thanks to those who lended their support!

  10. glad everything worked out.

    use code THEBIGT for 25% off

  11. Glad everything worked out bro! Addictions are not fun...

  12. Best of wishes bro!
    doing my own thang!


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