Lifting at home with Natadrol

  1. Lifting at home with Natadrol

    About Me:
    21 Years old, Just over 185 lbs and 10-12 BF%. First time I touched a weight was at 14 in school but they removed me from the class because it was limited to juniors and seniors...yes just did biceps and shoulders. So I threw around weights once in a blue never really into it, wished I was anyway I was always the fat kid growing up what do you want me to do mommy overfed me but I always gained muscle doing next to nothing. Now about a year ago I got so sick of being fat so I decided to take it off at any cost and that brings to to this point... lean but lost muscle ...weak but still stronger then the average lifter.. trying to stay around 200 while staying lean and screwed out of gym because of planet fitness. I don't make alot of money right now (economy + Mexicans ruined construction) and I'm trying to feed myself as I live in a house with people who eat everything but protein, hell no lie every time they make a "proper" protein carb BB meal they end up ordering Chinese or pizza. The worst thing that can I do is be skinny, which I don't mind having been fat in the past.

    I am working out at home, Im limited to a very old 300 lb weight set..Right now I don't have a bench or a rack so you may see some weird volumes and/or some weak lifts, If this bother's you please don't follow along. I rather have weak lifts then workout at Planet fitness any day, yes they bought the local gym(gold's)... YES MAD!!!

    Add mass while retaining a +10/-10 200 pound weight (187 Current...10-12% BF)
    Get my clean up to the point where I don't have to worry about breaking the floor or wall if something goes wrong (I currently have a injured shoulder)
    Tighten up whats left of some loose skin
    Run a log for the avg lifter on this site, this is for you

    The Stack:
    • Natadrol- 3/2/3 with or without meals
    • PCT T-911 3/3/2 untill finished
    • Gaspari Myofusion
    • AST Multi Pro 32x

    I'm 21, single and feed myself with a low income. Bottom line is I usually rely on deli, protein shakes, oat meal, and natty pb to help me fill out protein, carbs and calories and I usually eat what ever clean foods around the house which is very sparce in my house. Milk is great too I'm also not trying to be a competition level bodybuilder so my diet no where near perfect.

    Product Dosing
    -8 caps a day for 8 weeks 3/2/3
    -T911 for "PCT" dosed 3/3/2 then until it's gone.

    Once again, I using this as a re-comp after a extreme cut, I lift at home, I will be isolating certain muscles to even out, I normally lift 5-6 days a week but 3 days strong 3 days weak.

  2. SHoulders

    overhead press

    behind neck press


    around dumbell press Lift injured right shoulder in the past

    upright row

    dumbell side raise

    barbell rear delt row

    dumbell rear laterial raise

    dumbell floor chest press left arm only


    Notes - Very weak injured right shoulder, I did not feel like even doing this today, I ****ed around for a good 30 mins, and then something happed, I got the same engery I have when I was unloading sheetrock trucks back when I was 18...

  3. In for the N-drol run bubba. Hope you like it like others have.
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  4. IN!
    doing my own thang!

  5. Following along...huge shoulder exercise! nice..

  6. Off day from lifting today, Just some AB wheels and triceps isolation
    AB Wheel
    15 reps
    21 reps

    Dumbbell Triceps Extension

    Noted could not sleep last night and I overslept this morning so I'm dosing 3/3/2, I'm a person that wakes up 4-5 every morning so I would not like to ruin my sleep schedule,
    I can't stop thinking about sex or food, its not like Im horny or hungry..its just sitting their in the back of my mind.Monday is usually my off day but I'll see what happens, Like I said I try to go easy and target so to speak during the beginning of the week and then Try to do all I do do with what I have towards the weekend

  7. Natadrol, does make me hungry as hell when I first wake up, I jump right to my magic bullet for some protein and almond butter..

  8. That's funny wife hates the sound of that thing every morning!! I can't get my shake made fast enough.
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons


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