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3rd Week on E-stane and have ?'s

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    3rd Week on E-stane and have ?'s

    I am at the end of my third week, I am wondering what you guys would recommend. I was planning on going 30/30/30/30 but this week I got a little curious and went to 40mg. I am going to run 4th week at 40mg as well.

    I am wondering if I should go 5 weeks or just cap it off at 4?

    Also this week since I have upped it to 40 mg I have been crazy tired and feel like the flu is coming on. Also had a nose bleed at work today, probably totally unrelated. Is the tired feeling normal?

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    I ran EPI with Phera-plex for 4 weeks, 2 weeks into cycle started to feel real tired. Almost felt the EPI ran my blood sugar levels low. You might just want to keep it at 30mg if you felt fine at that dose.

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