Usp Labs Prime/Animal Stak stack

  1. Usp Labs Prime/Animal Stak stack

    I'm gonna start a stack with nothing too dangerous, i'm trying to go all natural, I'd like to hear some opinions...

    1. Jack3d - Pre workout
    2. Prime - Natural Test
    3. Animal Stak - Natural Test
    4. Anabolic Pump - Carb suppressor (for cutting)
    5. Powerfull - For cutting/Energy
    6. Nitrotech - Pre workout protein
    7. Monster milk - Post workout Protein
    8. Isopure zero carb - Night time protein

    Is it pointless to stack Animal Stak and Prime at the same time or will that only improve my results?

    I'm 6'0'' 162 lbs. And i'm looking to get to 170 by the end of the cycle. I'm eating a **** load and I'm taking in 150g of protein just with the shakes. Let me know what you guys think.

  2. way tooooo many supps bro....taking soo many supps at once is a waste of money in my opinion...alot of people (including me back in the day) think the more supps they add the more gains theyl make..NOT TRUE!! when taking so many supps u wont be able to tell which one works best (or works at all).....if i wer u, id stick to the protein shakes, prime, animal pump, a good mutli vit and fish oils (AT MAX) thing to do is to stick to the Classics, like creatine, whey, fish oils, multi vit and maybe now and then add sumthing extra for experimentation......its all about ur diet and training dude, NOT SUPPS.. so stop wasting time on planning what supps to take and get under that sqaut rack!!......

  3. 6'0 at 162....
    eat more carbs it's not all about the protein... why do you have cutting stuff in that stack
    drop all that stuff right know bulk up and then maybe run it.... you won't get fat... maybe a tad bit chubbier but nothing you can't get rid of...

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