Usplabs meets lg science head on!

  1. Usplabs meets lg science head on!

    Just a basic run down so far of my journey to a new me! Started natadrol, prime, oep, campbolic and slin on the third of febuary and I'm down 12 pounds while my lifts have gone up. No major diet, jar portion control while eating alot of healthy proteins and complex carbs. Also gave up pop, no sweets, no eating after 7 except my shake before bed. Some of these princapkes might not b normal but their working for me. When I hit the wall, I'm going to dial the diet in. Right now I'm starting slow and getting my feet wet. I'm also using a few other usplabs products and lg science products and will list those and dosages tonight! Lots of cardio and weights 4 times a week! Will also give the positives and negatives of everything I'm taking as well! Thanks to all of u for this great message board

  2. interesting.

    i'm in.

  3. I'm going to be running Natadrol & OEP in March can you provide details on your dosing schedule

  4. I will def provide my dosing schedule this afternoon when I get home

  5. Subbed!, I'm Very interested in seeing how Natadrol works for you.
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  6. Tasty!
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  7. So far I haven't seen much out of the natadrol but it's early. Prime and oep battle for appetite/suppression and so far oep is winning. I eat enough to get what I need but I'm never starving! I'm always thirsty. Water is my friend

  8. Natadrol 6 pills a day. 2 pills 3 times a day with meals

    Prime im doing the 69 protocol

    Oep 2 upon rising with 2 Camp and 1 oep and 2 camp pre workout and 2 camp pre bed

    slin dosed 3 caps with big carb meals

    Lg Ghenerate pre workout and pre bed, upon rising if not a workout day

    ZMA 3 before bed

    I-GH-1 2 before bed

    and my usuals are vitamins and fish oil

  9. Wow really leaning out with the oep and nat! Down 2 more while looking fuller and harder

  10. Sweet stack bro! I'm in!
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  11. Starting to feel a little more agression, a little anxiety! The natadrol is kickining in. My weight when starting was 284, I'm down to 268! Need to up my protein a little but other then that diet has been good. My focus in the morning after taking my fat stack has been out of this world

  12. Down to 267, strength is holding, sleep is good! Haven't seen the libido boost but will c

  13. Awesome stack you have there man! Exciting log! SUBBED!

  14. Count me in!

  15. Quote Originally Posted by mvrk1 View Post
    Count me in!
    Nice!! Good Luck i just ordered some Natadrol i was debating the OEP with it but i think im in. Im 12% BF at 258 so ima give it a go. Hope you get some strength gains with it!!


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